Friday's Feast


What was your very first job with a paycheck?

Working at Hickory Farms during the Christmas holidays. I loved it because I was able to see so many people all day long and I wore the cutest little red apron while serving my delicious tray of beef stick and smoked cheese balls with crackers! Can I interest you in a beef stick today or perhaps a cheese ball or two? Oops, sorry, I was suddenly transported back to 1982!


Did you ever lose something really important to you?

I have recently lost respect for someone I truly cared about because of their actions and their unwillingness to own up to it. If only this person would say yes I did it and I am sorry. It's a tough situation, but I will leave it in God's hands. He knows best!


What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

I've mentioned a gift my husband brought back from Bahrain. It was a beautiful ornate box that contained gold, frankincense and myrrh. But can I change my answer?

Thinking back on the years I don't know how I could have overlooked this, but we were able to officially adopt our daughters right before Christmas! Nothing can ever compare to this!

Main Course

Tell about a favorite "hang out" place for you and your friends when you were in high school.

Always after evening service at church all the youth group would cram into two cars and we would go to The Pizza Cottage (which is now an Arni's, as if anybody really cares!). There were about fifteen of us and we thought we were so cool! As soon as we would get there the pastor's son would put money in the jukebox and play Meatloaf's song, "Bat Out of Hell" about five times! Wow, we were a rebellious bunch, weren't we?


Name something that always brings a smile to your face.

I'm defying the question and I am going to list many things that bring a smile to my face!

1. Knowing that no matter how bad it may seem I have trusted Christ as my Saviour and will live Him for all eternity!
2. I have the most amazing family that anyone could ever wish for!
3. I have many wondeful friends that love me for who I am~faults and all!
4. I am making new friends by blogging that love me for who I am~mispellings and all!
5. Anything BLUE makes me smile~~ALWAYS!
6. Little children~doesn't matter if they are happy, sleeping, crying, whatever! They are God's miracles and we should all shower them with as much love and affection as we possibly can!
7. When my checkbook balances and I have money left over :o)
8. Donny Osmond!
9. When my daddy is having a good day and we can visit together!
10. Feeding giraffes!

If only you gys could see me now! I am smiling from ear to ear just thinking on these wonderful things....my cheeks are hurting now...


Jenny Ryan said...

Great salad!

Jenny (www.jennyryan.com)

tiggerprr said...

Donny Osmond!!! I used to have a life size poster of him on my wall, when I was 4! I LOVED him...and used to sit and stare up at him from my bed. Yes, I was boy crazy even then... ::sigh::

Anonymous said...

Hickory Farms at Christmas! How cool is that!

Losing respect is hard to get back. Good luck.

Donnie Osmond :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Pamela said...

Amy, you are such a wonderful person to meet and get to know. I love your sweet and kind loving heart you have for your family and your precious children. Hope that the person that did you wrong fesses up. That Donny thing is something you need to nip in the bud girl! hehe!

Well, you must have been good at Hickory Farms cause you sure had me reaching out to take one. lol

Anonymous said...

Love this...we have just started the adoption process...stop over at www.thechristopherfamily.blogspot.com sometime..would love to hear your story

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to those Hickory Farm kiosks? I used to see them all over the place during the holidays. They're not there anymore!