Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Whew, is it cold and windy today!! Even as big as I am I almost got blown away ;o) Now that is some serious strong winds! Thank goodness I had my trusty crutches to keep from falling over!

I'll be honest...I do have fun opening gifts. I'm not denying it! I do enjoy giving too, don't get me wrong. On Saturday I found out who my secret pal was at church. She happened to be a close friend of mine! In my bag of goodies I received a Christmas cd, a giraffe ornament :o) good smelling soaps with loufas, a pretty makeup bag I've had my eye on, a bill organizer for 2007 (I wonder if she knows how unorganized I can be?) a bookmark, a Yankee candle (pumpkin spice) and an old Monkees album. I loved them as a kid and always watched the show. I had mentioned that and she picked up on it~clever girl!

My new secret pal for next year is one of my very closet friends! She is also my neighbor! I am so excited and I am going to have to be very sneaky this year when taking my gifts to church. My hubby is going to take me tonight to Wal-mart (seriously, this is the only store in town now) to pick out her gift! Oh this is going to be SO much fun!! I hope I can keep my big mouth shut!

I saw my father on Saturday and stayed for about five hours. He was a little more responsive then he had been. The poor guy just doesn't feel well at all. I wish I could take his pain away. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts on his behalf!

Right now as I am typing this my daughter made some homemade hot chocolate and brought it to me :o) Happiness & Joy! MMmmmm......chocolate!

I am bumming a little today. I have a couple of my customers who are just not paying their bill. Each of them owe quite a lot. I think people think because we own our own business that we might be rolling in the dough~quite the contrary! I just got off the phone with one of them and he said he would send about 1/4 of it sometime this week. For the first time in my life I was a little snotty with someone. I said, "I have already paid my employees for work you authorized us to do. That was over two months ago." He said, "Well, maybe I can pay it off over the next few months." I said, "I am counting on that money because I need to pay our employees. Please try your best to pay off the last two invoices and we'll go from there."

Was that too mean? I feel bad because I know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. Only trouble is with people not paying us my hubby isn't getting a paycheck! And wouldn't you know, all my medical bills from the kidney stones this summer are just now coming! Does anybody have one of those money trees I could go pick? I promise not to take it all~just exactly enough to pay my bills for this month! Thanks in advance!

Okay, I'll end on a happier note....hmmmm...let me think.......

LaLaLa.....oh, not that kind of note?

How about I just say that I am happy to be out and about today and can't wait to go fight the crowds tonight at Wally World!! I hope everyone's week is starting off great! Hugs to all and to all a good night!!

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Pamela said...

Wow!!! Your secret pal did a wonderful job pegging all the things that are special to you! What a sweet daughter to make you hot chocolate! Yummy! :)

Business is business, and if you let people walk all over you they will. You aren't being mean when you are letting customer's statements build up and not requiring payment. Noone has ever let me start a new job without settling up. I think that is just mutual respect.

You should be in my shoes when I have to evict someone...I try to be nice even though I feel terrible, my family comes first.

Hey, glad you got your neighbor, and your best friend for next year! Very sweet!