A Face Only A Mother Could Love!

This is my precious baby and she had a rough weekend. She was sleeping when her daddy arrived home Friday night. She woke up suddenly and flew off he bed to greet him. In doing so she pulled a muscle in her back leg. It is better, but now she limps like me!

Also, her poor little tummy has been upset. I woke up Sunday morning to the sounds of her throwing up on the bed :o( Yeah, that was fun to clean up....NOT! I know she couldn't help it so after all the bed linens were changed she and I just layed on the bed together. She wanted her belly rubbed to which I obeyed her command.

I didn't go to church yesterday (not because of her, but I couldn't move again!) so we spent the day cuddling. I know if you are reading this and you are not a dog person then you are probably thinking.....uhm...weirdo, sicko, it's just a dog lady! BUT, if you do understand where I am coming from then you are probably thinking....Awwww, poor little precious thing!

I asked Wensley in my baby talkin' high voice, "What can momma do to make her baby feel better?" At that moment she cocked her head to one side and then had the audacity to get on my pillows (that were arranged just so) and start making her own little nest! She plopped herself down and promptly started snoring. I admit it...I was weak...I actually shared my pillows. I know, I know. I could hardly believe it myself! But that sweet little snoring dog with her tummy just a rumbling needed comfort. I just prayed that she would not feel the urge to purge!

She woke up this morning good as new! We gave her a small handful of food and she kept it down! I don't know if dogs get the flu like humans, but I am happy she is feels better.

The Woo
You lick my face~you tongue is wet
You know many tricks~and treats you will get
Your love is unconditional~a stranger you have never met
You know you are loved~you spoiled rotten pet
You bring me such joy, you do~there will never be another one like you I bet!


Southern Girl said...

Oh, what a cutie she is! I love bulldogs, though I've never had one of my own. When I was a kid, our neighbor to the back of us had one, and he'd let us "borrow" him occasionally. ;)

I'm glad she's feeling better!

Michelle said...

She is a cute dog! I don't think I would be able to resist that face either :) Sorry to hear about her pulled muscle, but glad to hear she is feeling better now!

Pamela said...

Ahh, how sweet, he is so cute! It sounds like you are treating him like a prince. They end up being just like one of the family and when they get hurt you worry just as much! Hope he feels better soon! So sweet of you to share your pillows. Cute post!

Hey, I posted about your waffle candies. What do you call them? You never said. Have a wonderful day, Amy!

Pamela said...

I'm sorry, I just realized he is a she! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not the pillows!!!

An Island Life

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Sadly, here's where we differ. I'm a cat person. But as far as dogs go, she is cute. I'll give you that. :)

Norma said...

What a sweet face. And spoiled!