A-Z Of Me

Uh oh! I've been tagged by Pamela~does this mean she owns me now?

A - Available/Single? I am always available to have lunch or go to the movies with a girlfriend, but I have to warn you~I have been happily married for 22 years!
B - Best Friend? In order to work with your husband and be with him 24/7 you have to be best friends~otherwise I would be in jail for murder!
C- Cake or Pie? My husband makes THE BEST Chocolate Mousse Cake~it is to die for! Not a bad way to go!
D - Drink Of Choice? Diet Mountain Dew all the way! Give me caffeine ;o)
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? I do love my crutches. And let's not forget my pretty blue toothbrush so I can have fresh breath to kiss my boss with!
F - Favorite Color? You should so know this one ~ it's BLUE!!!!!
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? I am assuming you mean gummy worms and not real live ones? I love the clear gummy bears and I do enjoy the sour gummy worms as well.
H - Hometown? I have lived in Crawfordsville, Indiana since I was four years old.
I - Indulgence? Ethel M chocolates are so divine as far as treats. I love to buy Noah's Ark stuff and purses!
J - January Or February? Can I choose both please? I love January because my kids are still on Christmas break and my hubby's birthday is on the 30th. I love February because that is the month when we met our girls back in 1992~so it is a very special month. PLUS maybe I'll get some Ethel M chocolates for Valentine's Day :o)
K - Kids & Their Names? Jordan just turned 16, Kara is 18 and Kayla will be 20 on the 16th!
L- Life Is Incomplete Without? God! I couldn't make it without Him!
M- Marriage Date? September 8th, 1984 I went to some yards sales that morning!
N - Number Of Siblings? I only have one older brother who will be 46 in February. I have plenty of in-laws (15) that I call my brothers and sisters!
O - Oranges Or Apples? Mmmmm, I love a juicy orange from Florida anyday, anytime!
P - Phobias/Fears? Not to fond of snakes or ladders~Hey, isn't that a name of a game~Snakes & Ladders? Sounds familiar.
Q - Favorite Quote? Tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes!
R - Reason To Smile? Knowing I've received God's free gift of salvation! Finding $20 in your coat pocket (which I did the other day!), meeting new friends by blogging, when my daddy is having a good day, listening to a baby belly laugh!, having a wonderful devoted husband and three awesome kids, finding a pair of shoes that fit me perfectly, going to Awana's tonight and being with my other 25 children!
S - Season? I love spring and watching everything turn green again, flowers blooming and lots of rainbows!
T - Tag Three People? I've seen where many ladies have done this meme already, so I would love it if Heather would do it! I know you are so busy, but I love reading memes and getting to know people better! Please Heather, I have a pouty lip right now!
U - Unknown Fact About Me? Not that anybody cares, but I have the same exact birthmark as my dad...we have two little "bumps" on our right ear in the same place...weird isn't it?
V - Vegetable you don't like? I'll give you several....lima beans, turnips and peas! Nasty! Who came up with these anyway?
W - Worst Habit? My family would say that I am too stubborn and don't ask for help when I need it the most. They are probably right, but I at least like to give it the old college try first!
X - X-rays You've Had? Haha...it would be easier to tell what I haven't had x-rayed! Which does remind me I have never had a mamagram and I am over 40 now....I should do that, shouldn't I?
Y - Your Favorite Food? I could eat pasta everyday! I've switched to whole wheat pasta now and it is quite tasty. Has anyone ever been to Romano's Macaroni Grill? Major Yummers!
Z - Zoo Animal? I'll give you one guess.....ding, ding, ding....you're a smart one! Yes, it is a giraffe. I'll admit I am partial to penguins as well!


Pamela said...

Now was that really necessary...the ding...ding...ding part?! LOL I laughed so hard reading your meme that you might have been able to hear me from your cheesy little town. lol, Oh, that was the parade wasn't it! Seriously, this was so cute and I just loved all your answers. Sounds like you've got a thing for that Boss of yours.

Have fun a Awana's tonight. My hubby and I are going to be doing dishes at my Mom's church. She has been cooking for two days she and one other lady. They will sell about 100 meals, but the girl that normally does the dishes is ill. Should be fun! :)

Goofy Girl said...

Awww of course I'll do it. :) How can I resist that pouty face!