Thursday Thirteen

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1. I always wanted a daughter named Kayla to hold. I was blessed to become her mother when Kayla Noel was just 5 years old!
2. Kayla was never shy and enjoyed being the leader. You would know that about her if you ever did meet her!
3. Kayla is gentle, innocent and sweet. She will capture you with her smile the moment you meet!
4. Kayla and I had a rough start. She had to give up playing the "mother" part.
5. Kayla had a baby sister that she had taken care of for years. Kayla was mom to her and dried her baby sis's tears.
6. I had to be gentle with Kayla and not step on her toes. She had been a great caregiver to Kara Rose.
7. With patience and understanding she let me into her world. I became mom and she was once again a little girl!
8. Kayla is a girl through and through. She loves to dress up in pink and make all kinds of different hair-dos!
9. She'll do anything you ask of her. She is most definitely a people pleaser.
10. Kayla plays the flute, loves to read and babysit the little ones! She is often found surrounded by my friend's daughters and sons.
11. So far, no boy she has dated has met my qualifications! It's going to take someone very special for me to be able to say congratulations!
12. I know one day she'll marry and become a great wife! That is exactly what she wants out of life.
13. I'm proud to call her my daughter and friend! I thank God for my Kayla to me He did send!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list!!! AHHH, that is so sweet! :)

Happy birthday to her!

Happy TT!

Southern Girl said...

Aww, what a sweet list! I think Kayla's very blessed to have you for her mom. :)

Happy Birthday to Kayla and happy TT to you!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet list! Kayla sounds like a very special person.

Anonymous said...

What a great list...she must be a wonderful daughter.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

That is so super sweet. How fortunate she is to have such a wonderful mom! Mine are up...blessings!

Anonymous said...

What a touching list. Thanks for sharing! I am sure she is so blessed to have you as her mother.

Happy Birthday, Kayla!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!
That is so special and how wonderful that you both have eachother! :)

Happy Holidays and Happy TT!

Goofy Girl said...

She sounds like a wonderful girl! :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to Kayla!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birhtday Kayla! What a beautiful name. We actually considered that name for our daughter.


Pamela said...

Oh, what a beautiful heartfelt post of a Mother's love for her daughter!

Happy Happy 20th Birthday Kayla! Wishing you much joy in the coming year and hope you find a guy that will knock your sweet Mom's crutches right our from under her! lol Just kidding!

Hope all is well and you had a chance to celebrate big time! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

she is precious..i love this list