Wednesday Mind Hump

Found these questions at Wednesday Mind Hump today and since smiling is one of my very favorite things to do...... :o)

1. Name a song that makes you smile.

Boy, make it tough on an old broad! Hmmm, of course Donny Osmond always makes me smile and my heart go pitter patter, but I do love it when we sing "This World Is Not My Home" at church! Not only is it upbeat, but I think of those people (like my dad) that won't be suffering any longer here on earth!

2. Name a food that makes you smile.

Another toughie....my husband is such an amazing cook that no matter what he makes it is out of this world! His six layer chocolate mousse cake is definitely a winner and he makes tortilla soup which is like no other I have ever had in my life!

3. Name a person that makes you smile.

My husband is my best friend and he can always make me smile! First, he has a beautiful tenor voice and loves to sing me love songs (which also make my heart go pitter patter!). He is a comic genius....he can tell great jokes, he can do impressions of just about anybody and he does them well, he doesn't mind making a full out of himself if it will make me laugh! We have great fun together!!

4. Name a movie that makes you smile.

I enjoy so many movies that it is hard to choose so I will tell a few of my favorites...

While You Were Sleeping~I'm trying to find this one on dvd.
Anne of Green Gables~my daughter and I watch this at least six times a year!
Goin' Coconuts with Donny Osmond~~hehe~~just kiddin'!
I.Q.~it's just a really cute, clean movie with Meg Ryan
I also love the kind of movies with no plot that keep you laughing so hard that you miss a joke and you have to stop and rewind it because you were laughing too loud!!

5. Name a website that makes you smile.

I read many a blog and Pamela has just become so dear to me! I love the way she writes and you can't help but smile the whole time your reading her posts. And she puts up the cutest pictures of so many different things. And Pamela is very encouraging and a good listener too! Yes, Pamela definitely makes me smile!

I do enjoy reading all of you everyday. I have been amazed how quickly I have grown attached to ladies whom (is that correct grammar?!) I have never met! You all touch my heart and your encouragment and prayers have not been taken lightly. It is hard to put into words and tell you how much you all mean to me so I will just say thank and I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the clan, Amy. Your life sounds screwy enough to be a good Wednesday Humpah.