Another Fun Christmas Meme!

I stole this from Kathleen Marie today. I thought it was a cute one!

1. If you could be under the mistletoe with anyone you want, who would it be?

Well, if my husband was away like on a business trip and couldn't make it back in time while I am patiently waiting under the mistletoe and Donny Osmond just happened to walk by then I would HAVE to kiss him! C'mon people, I am just following tradition! Because let's just say that maybe it was somebody like Billy Bob Thorton...(yucky) I would have to kiss him too....maybe on the cheek and a quick peck at that! I'm all for keeping with tradition ;o)

2. Where would you like to spend Christmas if you could go absolutely anywhere at all?

Wouldn't Switzerland be just lovely this time of year! Only if I could have ALL of my family with me....plus my baby Wensley....and my friends too....and if my church could have the Christmas Eve service there as well....and let's not forget my neighbors I like to visit every year. Maybe I just need to stay exactly where I am because I have everything I could possibly want right here!

3. Have you ever made a snow angel?

Definitely! Our backyard was huge and I would make row after row of them!

4. Have you ever been in a snowball fight?
Yes, but I was a big baby when it came to snowball fights. I hated getting hit in the face and would usually go in crying. What a whimp!

5. What is the strangest thing you ever got for Christmas?
When I was younger I loved cats and I also loved dolls. I received the strangest looking doll (if you can call it that). It had arms and legs like a regular doll, but the face of a cat. And if that wasn't bad enough it was dressed up in a Santa outfit! I received it from my sweet Aunt Pauline who just thought it was so cute! I was able to fake a smile and say how much I loved it! Many years later after she had passed away I used it for a white elephant gift. It was a hit!

6. How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?
It gets later and later every year because our kids are growing up. But we will probably crawl out of bed around 8:00 am and my hubby will make us a big yummy breakfast!

7. Name one thing that you always get for Christmas.
Can I name a couple? Thanks....I always get the new Noah's Ark ornament from Hallmark and I never go a year without getting a book of lifesavers! Do you remember those? I've received them since I was old enough to have them! Just keeping with tradition!

8. Have you ever gone caroling?

Yes, but I sing quietly because I am horrible! We usually go to the nursing homes ao I don't suppose the elderly would care if I can carry a tune or what! My youth group came to my house on Saturday and sang three pretty carols and then gave me a huge basket filled with all sorts of yummy goodies! I really shouldn't be eating any cookies, but I couldn't resist the homemade sugar cookie that was calling out to me!

9. Favorite Christmas scent.

I like the smell of homemade yeast rolls the best! I am only allowing myself to eat two this year. I could so easily eat a baker's dozen without blinking an eye!

10. Homemade cards or store-bought?

Of course I love homemade cards, but I really like it when people include a few words or even a letter about the past year is better!

11. Homemade cookies or store-bought?

You gotta love those homemade cookies, but I must admit that there are some store bought cookies out there that have been just as tasty as homemade! I love sugar cookies this time of year with frosting!

12. Least favorite Christmas song.
Don't hate me, but I get tired of hearing Feliz Navidad. If it had more words to it maybe I could tolerate it, but it does grate on my nerves a bit. Kinda like fingernails to the chalkboard...get the picture?
13. Favorite Christmas song
Mary, Did You Know by Mark Lowery
14. Famous Christmas Quote or Saying
There has been only one Christmas - the rest are anniversaries. ~W.J. Cameron
I liked this one! If you feel inclined to do it please let me know so I can visit!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Pauline will rise from the grave and haunt you...ha!

This was cute and I agree...if Daniel Day Lewis was under the mistletoe I wouldn't turn my cheek to him ;o

Pamela said...

Amy, Glad to hear your Dad is doing better. Fun meme and I loved all your answers! That doll sounds like it could give a little girl nightmares. lol

Sounds like you have a thing for Donny Osmond too...lol. I must say I only have cheeks for my sweet hubby. lol

Pamela said...

Amy, thanks for your prayers. I imagine you must be busy. Just wanted to drop by and say a cheery "Hi" as I have been thinking about you and praying all is well with your sweet family.

Alone in the kitchen my hubby would be like a three alarm fire drill! You are blessed to have a guy that likes to cook! Have a wonderful day! :)