Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Do While Trying To Think Of An Original Thursday Thirteen!

1. Scratch my head. Make note to wash my hair.

2. Chew my nails. Hate how they look. Trim them.

3. Play a game or two of Tetris on my Gameboy. Yes, new high score!

4. Read other's creative ideas and decide not to copy them. Despise them deep down for being creative....just kidding!

5. Look around my room for inspiration. All I see is giraffes, pillows and purses! No inspiration, but now I am smiling.

6. Get my mirror out and pluck my one chin hair ;o)

7. Then think about plucking all my gray hair. Decide I don't want to be bald!

8. Clip coupons.

9. Wring my hands and break out in a sweat because I can't think of anything, but I really, really want to do this week's TT!

10. Practice my dance moves.

11. Take medicine...don't worry, it was time for it!

12. Bounce on my bed...don't tell the kids!

13. Paint my nails with White Out and then use colored Sharpies and decorate them!

See you tomorrow for 1000 Blessing's Friday!


damozel said...

I love the white-out and sharpie nails tip---"things to do with your nails" is a whole blog in itself, and I've never heard of that one.

I hear you on the "pulling out grey hairs" idea.

PS. As a typepad user, I can't leave a link to my actual blog,http://bucknakedpolitics.typepad.com. Was wondering if you'd consider making the same adjustment as other "blogger" users (allowing "other" blogs to post)?

soleil said...

interesting nail idea. have to try it sometime.

Morgan St. John said...

OMG! 1000 thankfuls?
phew. you better get busy!
I feel the same most wednesdays...what do I do? what do I do? a conundrum for sure.

feel free to come by. find out what inspires me.

Morgan, romance writer, wife and mother.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Very well done. I think I've done most of these trying to think up TT things. I loved every one. Have a great TT. :)

Southern Girl said...

I've done a few of those myself! Except for playing Tetris...I don't have it. :( And I need it!

Happy TT, Amy!

Kathy said...

David did ours this week so i didn't have to worry about it! But funny list!! Ahpp TT13

Malcolm: said...

I can definitely relate to your TT. It is really hard sometimes to come up with a subject to write about every week.

Christine said...

Hi Amy,
I'm sorry to hear you were in so much pain with your shoulder. A little ice cream, and mama always make everything feel better.
Hope you're not in too much pain anymore.

LOL!#13, Marissa did that over the Summer, and I hear you on pulling my grey hairs. I can't keep up anymore.

Update on Marissa, she's doing a little better, with no phone and the old rules, which she thinks because she's started a new year in school don't apply anymore is learning that they DO!! And I think she's, trying to adjust to back to school and balance her friends with schoolwork, and getting overwhelmed, but she still shouldn't act out against me or her family.
Glad to see you back.

Kailani said...

Ooh! I want to see those nails!

An Island Life

amy said...

oh you make me laugh

Crystal said...

I can identify with this! Before this week, I hadn't done TT in a while because I've run out of ideas.

Happy Thursday!

Dianne said...

Those are hilarious. I was laughing out loud SEVERAL times! Great post! :-)

Michelle said...

I love the lists you come up with for Thursday Thirteen!

Mike said...

Love your #1. I think I should do that, too -- wash my hair.

Have a great weekend.


Donetta said...

White out? goofy girl well mine need care too. If I were there I'd do you a manicure with pretty pink and little diamond studs.

Carrie said...

LOL soooo funny! What a cute Thursday Thirteen!
God bless :)

Sandy said...

Got to love your creative list!!

And yes I know how it is with those gray hairs!! :)