Sugary Sunday

What have I done to deserve such treatment? Nothing! I sit here and boss people around. I don't contribute to the household chores. I don't cook for my poor hungry family. And I don't do windows.

But yet I always have someone asking me if there is anything I need. And nine times out of ten I have a request. Whether it be a fresh, icy cold drink or a back scratch I will take advantage of their generosity.

I know I often write about how good my family is to me and they are. Not that it makes a difference, but my children are adopted. I always think to myself how easy it would be for them to say, "You're not my real mom and I'm tired of taking care of you." They didn't ask to be put in this situation. They've had a lot of responsibilities thrown at them and they've handled them beautifully. My daughters have never ever complained. Not even to each other. I know this because they tend to tell me everything the other one says.

My son has a huge heart for people. He took tremendous care of his grandpa and he happily stays at home if I need him while the girls are working. Not too many teenage boys would pass up the movies or hanging out to take care of their mom!

I am blessed beyond measure. I look back and see the miracle of how God placed these children into our lives. It all happened within four months. My husband and I thought about becoming parents and boom within a short time we had two daughters! Our son came a year and a half later. God's timing is always perfect. I need to post our adoption story sometime.

The kids are at church this morning and should be arriving shortly. They will burst through the door and come straight to see me. I'll be greeted with a hug from my son and a "How are you doing Mom? Is there anything you need me to do or get?" My oldest will kiss me on the top of my head and rub my back and say sweetly, "Do you want me to make you a treat for lunch?" And my other daughter will sit down beside me and start scratching my back without me even asking. She'll lay her head on my shoulder after kissing me on the cheek and say, "I love you Mommy."

I know them that well. And even though it may sound routine, their words always come from the heart. They're genuine. Real. Their love is unconditional. I see Christ in them each and every day. They are my inspiration.


Michelle said...

You know what you did to deserve that treatment? You raised your kids the right way; with love and compassion...doesn't matter that they were adopted, it matters how they were brought up. You're blessed, but so are they :)

Sandy said...

Wow, that post is a keeper. :)
God has used you to raise those kiddos to have such dear hearts. It's neat to see his handiwork and timing.

Oh and please let us know what you thought of the PB cups with bananna!!! :)