Thursday Thirteen

Simply 13 Things About My Week That Made Me Happy

1. Cards. Everyday I receive at least four cards in the mail! They are such an encouragement to me since I haven't been able to go to church in such a long time. They show me how much people care and miss me. And that is a nice feeling!

2. Birthday. I celebrated my 43rd on the 7th. I still can't get into my van so we borrowed my MIL Crown Victoria and I was able to get out for a few hours. Freedom feels so good!

3. Coupons. I wanted to stick close to home so I chose to go to Staples and use my $15 rewards coupon. I was able to get my son his scientific calculator for FREE! Then I wanted McDonald's cinnamon melts. I had a buy one get one free coupon. I'm a cheap date!

4. Movie. On Tuesday night if we bring our own bowl we can fill it with popcorn for only 50 cents! And I have a HUGE bowl that holds 32 cups ;o) I love popcorn, but we can never finish it so we bring it home for the birds. I love a bargain. We watched Bourne Ultimatum again!

5. Purse. My girls gave me a new purse for my birthday. I did take it back and picked out the cutest purse. It's actually and iPod holder, but it looks like a little backpack. It's blue, of course! And it holds everything I need and it will clip on to my crutches so I don't have to carry it. I love it!

6. Forgiveness. I do the accounting for our own business and I made a major mistake that is going to cost us some money. My husband was cool, calm and collected and said just do what you need to do and don't worry about it. I'm not sure I could be so calm!

7. Showers. I've always taken for granted my daily cleaning! I wasn't able to take a proper shower for over two weeks. Gross, I know. I did get a sponge bath most everyday, but it just isn't the same. It is still a little difficult to stand in the shower since I am not allowed to put much weight on my new hip, but I have learned to take my crutches in the shower with me for a little extra help!

8. Entertainment. My husband and kids are always doing something to make me laugh. I appreciate the fact that they will make fools of themselves to see me smile. Oh, if you could be a fly on the wall at my house!

9. Independence. Everyday I am able to do at least one more thing on my own! I still have a lot of restrictions as far as bending over to far and things like that, but it feels so good to be able to go to the bathroom and pick out my clothes. I'm sure the family is happy too because that's one less thing they have to do!

10. Treats. I love to drink NOS, but my daughter brought home a new energy drink to try. It's called Blue Demon. Sounds bad, I know, but it has the word BLUE in it! Anyway, I love it just as much as my beloved NOS!

11. Tetris. I got out my old gameboy and started playing Tetris again. I am beating all the high scores! I dare you to take me on. I double dog dare ya!

12. Answered prayers. I have several friends going through some really tough times right now. I see God's hand working in their situations. One of them received some good news from the doctors when we were fearing the worst. She does having something wrong with her, but it is treatable!

13. Discovery. I have discovered some new blogs this week that I am thoroughly enjoying. Head on over and check them out. Let me know what ya think! Little Red Hearts From God, My Journey Home, and Family Doin's.

What is something that makes you happy?


Qtpies7 said...

It is important to have a good outlook when you are layed up for awhile!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Beautiful list! Good job with the coupons - free is always the best! :)

Robyn Mills said...

Great TT - I just read your profile, I can;t believe I have found someone else who likes Donny Osmond...I saw him In Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in London... he was fabulous I couldn't believe it when I read and heard later that he threw up with nerves before each performance. Now that is a true performer...

amy said...

Great list my friend!!! I love coupons!

FRIGGA said...

Sounds like a good week for you! Something that makes me happy this week, well my sister is taking me out to dinner tonite and my niece will be there, I'm very excited!

Happy TT13 - mines up at http://anyapples.blogspot.com/

Christine said...

I am so glad you had a Fabulous week. Being your birthday week! That is so sweet. I love getting cards in the mail. Your new blue purse sounds really cute!!

BTW~I know you'd cry watching a Bridge to Taribithia. There's a part in the movie, that is very unexpected and becomes a real tearjerker.

Take care Amy,

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I love your list.. and how sweet to mention my little ol' red hearts..Thank you

I tell you that your story is so similiar to the ones I hear each day in my job of Hospice... and I see the tears of letting go...it's not easy. even when we are ready to let them go and when "they" want to go... we miss them terribly. Our hearts ache.. for even "Jesus wept"...

I just guess one day this will all make sense... don't cha guess??

Kimmy said...

I LOVE this post! Sounds like you're doing better all the time.
Hey, how WAS Borne Ultimatum? We're going to go see it just as soon as all the summer craziness quits. I got a buy-one-get-one-free movie admission in my latest box of diet coke cans, so that's the movie we're going to see by using the coupon. (I'm also a bargain-hunter. Normally we'd be waiting for Borne Ultimatum to play at the cheap theatre, but now we don't have to wait because the coupon will result in nearly the same price!)
Hope you have a great weekend, Amy!

Kimmy said...

Oops! Correction from my last comment concerning my mis-spelling of Bourne. Sorry about that!

Michelle said...

I love coupons and good deals too :)

Goofy Girl said...

I love tetris, we should play together sometime!! :)