Less Than A Month

Hi All! I realized I forgot to share some exciting news...well, for me anyway! I get to have my right hip replaced on September 10th!! It won't be long until I am doing the Hokey Pokey again. Boy, have I missed that ;o)

And even though I have just been through it a month ago, I am a little nervous. I know I shouldn't be considering how well I am doing, but it is still surgery! Ahhhh, but then I lean on my left side and realize how pain free it is now!!!!! PTL!!!!!

I do have a short list of prayer requests:

1. That I don't get sick when I wake up from surgery!
2. That my hemoglobin stays at a level I can still have the surgery. I'm taking iron to help.
3. That the docotrs don't twist my right knee so much that it is permantly damaged.
4. And that they can find veins easily this time.

I appreciate all your thoughts, prayers and encouragment. Just think, if I ever meet any of you I can run (okay, walk...but briskly) and meet you with open arms! That would be nice.


Michelle said...

You know you've got my prayers - I hope this replacement goes just as smoothly!

BTW I've given you an award :)

Carrie said...

Oh wow! I'll definitely be praying. Just keep thinking positive thoughts.
God bless :)

Xpress Assistant said...

I've added you to my prayer list.

Kirstie - My Journey Home

Christine said...

That's awesome news Amy!!
You've got my prayers!
I hope everything goes as well as the last surgery!Praise the Lord is right, that you are feeling SO much better.

It feels good to be back, I missed you too. I was just busy getting the kids ready for school.


Kailani said...

Yup, you'll be up and doing the chicken dance soon! Yay!

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