Monday Madness

But it's not the meme! Just checking in to say I am here and working on my tags for meme's from Sandy and Christine. I also am writing some emails to a couple of you as well!

And for some reason today of all days when I thought I would have time for all of that my family needs me! I guess it's nice to be needed so I shouldn't be whining, but poo, couldn't they have waited until blogging time was over? Love ya kids!

Even my mom came over for me to tell her how to use her new blood glucose monitoring system. She needs me too!

And since I'm on a roll today is there anything I can be doing for YOU? Seriously! Just leave me a comment and I'll get to it as soon as possible....after I help one daughter with boyfriend troubles, the other daughter with her resume, my son with his geometry homework (yeah, right!) and my mom with her new machine. And I'm sure hubby will be calling soon for something he needs. BUT it's okay! LOL! As I was typing that my mom called to see if I figured out her thingy yet and my daughter is calling from the other room needing something!

Calgon~take me away!


De said...

You have an award awaiting you at my blog. Hopefully this won't be too much for your plate! Have a great day, we all know how you feel (sorta!)

Kailani said...

Um, could you cook dinner for me? hee hee

An Island Life

Kimmy said...

Just another day in the life of a mom . . . you're great! Praying for you today,