Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Want To, Need To, Have To Do!
1. I have several memes I've been tagged for that I need to finish.
2. I want to go to the grocery store and get my family some food. I'm nice like that!
3. I need to finish paying the bills for the month.
4. I want to eat some cranberry-orange muffins my friend, Bridget, just brought over. And they're still warm! Even better!
5. I have to do physical therapy three times today.
6. I need to go get blood work one for my next surgery. :o(
7. I want to watch High School Musical 2 with my kids tomorrow night!
8. I need and want to finish writing my thank you notes for all the delicious meals my church provided this past month. They spoiled me completely!
9. I want, need, have to spend some time with my hubby~just me and him!
10. I need to get some actual work done this afternoon. I've been visiting with a friend for the last five hours!
11. I want to get up and walk without crutches~soon, very soon!
12. I have to get ready for Awana that is starting in just a few weeks! I will only be able to go the first night and then will miss at least a month, but I am excited to see what kind of group I have this year!
13. I want to, need to, have to visit all of you this evening~after I get my work done, of course!


Christine said...

Amy, Very SOON you'll be off those crutches.

Mmmmmm....Save me an cranberry-orange muffin, I can almost smell them, especailly if they are still warm.

Happy TT!

What Works For Us said...

Umm, I can relate - especially to #10!

WendyWings said...

I hope you get all your wants and needs met soon !
Happy TT day to you.

FRIGGA said...

Good luck, that's a pretty good sized list for someone on crutches!

Happy TT13 :-)

damozel said...

Good luck with the crutches (I don't know what Awana is). Hope you get everything you want....As for getting tagged for memes, it's a sort of flattery that can wear thin when it happens too often, isn't it? Especially if you then have to tag other people....

PS. I HIGHLY recommend that you reset your blogger comments to allow people who don't use blogspot or gmail to link to their OWN BLOGS. Normally I don't comment on blogs that don't allow this, but I liked your post, so I did. Right now nobody can post on your blog who doesn't have a google or blogger account (and some people might not). Most people who use blogspot enable comments from "other" blogs with spam filters. Just FYI.

We're here: http://bucknakedpolitics.typepad.com/buck_naked_politics/

Scroll down to see the post. My colleagues have been busy and there's no way to link directly.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great T13 :) Hope you're off the crutches soon too! And oh my, those muffins sound so good. I bet they were awesome warm :)

Enjoy High School Musical 2!!!

Michelle said...

You sure do have a lot of things you want and need to do LOL While you're getting groceries would you mind picking me up some milk?! :) I need to hit the store tomorrow while Kayla's in school!

katy said...

You're a busy woman.

The time with hubby sounds great! My sweetie and I are watching a movie right now...

Have a great weekend!