Thursday Thirteen #6

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Thirteen Things I Collect
1. Disney DVD's so when I have grandchildren we can watch all the classics together!
2. Cookbooks~I'm really not much of a cook, but I love flipping through the pages of cookbooks, especially the ones from like church's or the Amish ones. Always good stuff in those!
3. Stuffed giraffes~because they are my favorite animal I tend to get a lot of them as gifts!
4. Dolls~I love Thumbelina dolls from when I was a girl, but I also have some expensive ones like a Jumeau, but to tell you the truth I love my baby dolls the most!
5. Bulldog figurines. If it looks like my precious Woo then I have to have it!
6. Purses! They are a weakness and I change purses like every week. Don't get me wrong I save them all and I never pay over $10 a piece because I am also cheap!
7. Kool Aid points~although I've realized you can't get as much cool stuff as you used to.
8. Lilliput Lane Cottages~I picked one up when I was in England and they are so enchanting I soon got another one. My friend from England started sending them too! I can stand at my display cabinet and look at them for a really long time!
9. Old toys from when I was child like the Merlin handheld game, a Connect Four game, not sure what to call it but it held Beechnut gum and you could buy it for a penny~I guess you would call it a bank! You know~old stuff from way back when.....
10. My husband has been to many, many different countries and he always brings back some amazing things like dolls from Japan, glassware from Holland, chocolates from Switzerland (I ate those!) jewelry from Bahrain (a necklace with my name in Arabic), pretty cool stuff!
11. Disney toys from Happy Meals. The kids bathroom is decorated with the Disney theme and my husband made a shadow box and I filled it with all the Disney Happy Meal toys!
12. Noah's Ark Christmas ornaments! Hallmark comes out with a new one each year and they are sooo cool!
13. Plus Noah's Ark anything. I have Noah's Ark from all over the world. I have some very old children's toys and many different sets like the Precious Moments or the Boyd's Bears, I have some old Little Golden Books with the story of Noah....can ya tell I love Noah's Ark? Did ya notice the banner?


Guru said...

I once got the Kool-Aid Man video game from all those points. I didn't even know there was anything you could get with them anymore.

I try to collect money (any money), but it ends up just getting spent!

Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Southern Girl said...

Fun stuff! I used to collect dolls when I was younger. Right now I'm sort of into cows. ;)

My TT is up, too.

Happy0303 said...

We did the same thing with the Disney DVDs. We have almost all of them. Unfortunately, my daughter refuses to watch anything except the princess ones. Oh well, maybe our grandkids will watch them! Thanks for stopping by!

The Pink Diary

Carmen said...

now I'll think of you when I see giraffes. :)

angela said...

Collections are so fun. Have you ever read Funky Shui? Taht is the whole basis of it and they have some really cool collections

Goofy Girl said...

Oohh you have lots of fun collectables!!

TC said...

Great list! I collect movies and cookbooks. I love to cook and I love to come up with new and interesting things to do in the kitchen.

Dane Bramage said...

If I look around my house it would be evident that I collect kids, cats, dogs, and middle aged white couples. I need more storage!

Thanks for stopping by my T13 13 Stress Relievers Edition

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the cookbook one. Great TT. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Blessings.

loelsh said...

All our happy meal toys end up getting stepped on and/or thrown out. That's a good idea you've got for them though!

My TT are up if you'd like to stop by.

YellowRose said...

You collect some neat things! I collect crosses, mainly celtic. Love them!

Hpapy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Oh man - Merlin!!! I begged for that one year for Christmas and I got it too. I loved Merlin!


Anonymous said...

oops - I pasted the wrong thing for my link - sorry! ::blush::

The real link to my Thirteen is http://gastric-bypass-blog.blogspot.com/

amy said...

those are great collections

jdoriot said...

Giraffes are wonderful! They are my favorite too...thanks for visiting my TT!

jdoriot said...

Giraffes are wonderful! They are my favorite too...thanks for visiting my TT!