Thursday Thirteen #4

I know everyone is doing 13 reasons why they like themselves, but since my 22nd anniversary is tomorrow I want to honor my husband! Thanks for understanding!

Thirteen Reasons Why I Married My Man!
1. He recognized during marriage counseling that he based his salvation on good works and was saved during our first session. This brings happy tears to my eyes everytime I thing about it.
2. When we were dating I was able to see first hand how he treated his mother and sisters~he treats them with royalty to this day. I knew I found the perfect guy!
3. Speaking of family---he has a huge one! The moment I met them I felt at home. They are family and I love my in-laws dearly.
4. He can always bring a smile to my face and make me laugh :o) He doesn't worry about embarrassing himself if it will make me laugh!
5. His creativity! He loves to plan our little get-aways and he always makes them so much fun! One time he created four different trips and I had to choose one envelope (without knowing what was inside). He even made up games for me like a "Brady Bunch" trivia game, Who Wants
To Be A Millionaire, etc. so I could win extra spending money!! I can't wait to see what's in store for this weekend!
6. He loves his kids! He has always wanted to spend as much time as he could with them. Sometimes I wonder who is more of a kid~him or the three actual kids!
7. What a fabulous cook! He is just as creative in the kitchen! It amazes me how we can have practically nothing in the cupboards and he can whip up a gourmet meal. Voila! And it is delicious everytime. Again, he never makes the same thing twice so I have to enjoy it while it's hot!
8. His mind! He is so intelligent and I can be intimidated by it, but I love to see his brain work. He is a problem solver and likes to get the task done. He has done some one of a kind things in our restoration business and has been on the cover of two international magazines! I am very proud of him.
9. He shares the remote~enough said!
10. His voice! He is amazing and he loves to sing to me, especially love songs. He's very romantic that way and I'm sure he will sing to me this weekend. Sigh....
11. When we go shopping together he never complains and is the first one to say, "If you like it, buy it."
12. One time when we were taking a boat cruise around the lake I started feeling sick. I was unable to get on my knees so I could get throw up in the lake~as I got sick he caught it in his hands and threw it overboard so I wouldn't get sick all over my clothes. I know this is gross, but you can't tell me that's not love!
13. He takes tremendous care of me. Living with someone who has a disability is tough no matter who you are. He knew from the moment we met that it might be a rough future for us and he still wanted to marry me! He's been by my side through all the surgeries and does whatever he can to simplify my life. I know he loves me unconditionally.
Happy 22nd Anniversary Honey! I Love You!!!


SunshineBlues said...

You have a great man there! The love shined through of yours for him in each line. Wonderful list! Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thursday!

glimpsing gal said...

Awww...I love blog posts about great hubbies! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great post! Frame it and hang in it on your fridge so that on that rare day that he ticks you off, you can read all the good things again... :-)

Carol said...

Lovely anniversary gift to your hubby!

Faith said...

UMMM, sounds like a keeper to me!!!

BTW - my son was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis when he was about 13. He id doing pretty good right now, but you klnow how that is! As his mom, I worry!! He is 23 right now!