I Remember

Karen: Amy? Are you awake enough to talk?
Me: Hi Friend! Did ya think I'd be sleeping in or something?
K: Turn on the television.
M: Why?
K: They say that a plane crashed into one of the towers.
M: On purpose?
K: No, just a freak accident.
M: I don't know anything about flying, but couldn't they avoid hitting such a tall building?
K: I don't know either. Did you turn it on yet?
M: (shocked by what I am watching) Yes.
K: We need to pray for those people that are involved. People have already lost their lives.
M: Karen, this can't be real. I've never seen such a thing. I'm scared.

Karen prayed aloud, but I couldn't take my eyes off the television. We watched together in silence for a long time. Neither one of us believing what was happening. My heart ached for families of the victims. I wondered if they were watching this on t.v.


Me: Karen! Did you see that? Something happened to the other tower! I think a plane hit it too! This is NO freak accident! What is going on here?
Karen: Oh no!

M: I wish my kids were still home. I wish my husband was here. Karen, I am scared.
K: It will be okay Amy. God knows exactly what is happening and why. We don't understand any of this, but He does. Just hang on with me and we'll keep watching.

We watched the television together and heard of the plane hitting the Pentagon and then watching part of the tower collapse only to see both of them tumble to the ground a little while later. We prayed together. When reality sunk in we cried together. We sobbed. We knew people were trapped. We heard interviews of people saying that they could see men and women jumping to their death. We knew families were frantically trying to reach their loved ones to see if they survived. We knew people were probably saying their goodbyes. We knew families were witnessing the death of their loved ones.

I didn't know anyone personally that died that day. As for me and my family we have not forgotten those that lost their lives. We will never forget.

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