I Could Have Shopped All Night, I Could Have Shopped.....

Oh, how I missed the hunt, the thrill, the feeling of empowerment....you know what I'm talking about....go ahead, admit it, you love clearance too!!!!!

My sweet hubby asked if I wanted to go to Lafayette with him because he was looking for something specific our town doesn't carry. Of course I said YES!! (I secretly thought....YES! I'm sure I can weasle enough and "let" him take me to Meijer..hehe.... )

The moment I wheeled in (I used the scooter) I could smell the newly posted red stickers (I promise, I really did) that were so neatly placed on item after item after item, well, you get the picture. I realized it had just been way too long since I had been out on the town and able to enjoy some just for fun, thrill seeking, bargain finding shopping. I could feel my body temperature rising one degree at a time! As I wheeled away as fast as I could (all 3 mph!) I yelled to hubby, "You'd better grab a cart 'cuz we're going to be here awhile!" I was so proud of him because he obeyed immediately ;o) "Good boy!", I say as I throw him a biscuit.

A pair of pink Converse All Stars quickly catch my eye. Hubby helps me try them on and they fit perfect! I see the price tag of $40. I say, "Never mind!" I'm not paying more than $10 for a pair of tenny bops, I don't care what name is on it! Now this is where hubby earns more treats, maybe even a handfull of them. The next aisle over hubby spies more tennis shoes that look like previous mentioned ones...AND they are on sale for $8.99 a pair AND if you buy another pair they will be half off!! NO WAY!! My blood is boiling by this time. I feel faint and grab tightly on the handles of my trusty scooter telling him to "Hold On!". (Okay, so I talk to the scooter, shoot me). Hubby helps me try on the bright pink ones and I am happy to report that I could not tell the difference between name brand and cheap rip offs! YAY! I was able to get four (4) pair for only $27 instead on one (1) pair for $40!!! Of course I chose one boring white pair, two black cool pair and one pink pair that my Awana girls will think are really hot!

With the rush of the excitement I speed away again and entice hubby with more biscuits! He really is a good boy.

Scooter took me all over the store that night finding bargain after bargain after, well, you get the picture! I found a Disney two piece outfit for only $5 that had adorable Tigger on it, a pair of dress black pants for my daughter for $10 (they had been almost $30), a set of really cool refridgerater magnetic photo frames for $2 for those upcoming school photos and two huge beach towels with their own carrying case with a funky key chain the kids will grab up for only $2 a piece! If I think about it that breaks down to about seventy cents a piece for that bargain!

I could have shopped all night, but it was getting very late and I was afraid I might turn into a pumpkin if I stayed to much longer!

As I was driving home I was thinking about the great deals I got and how I didn't pay full price for anything! Then I started thinking of how Jesus paid the ultimate price. He died for me personally because he loved me that much! I was eight years old when I asked Him to be my Saviour. I didn't have to hunt or go looking for any clearance stickers. And best of all it was FREE! Who doesn't like free?

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Salvation is a gift and it lasts forever! All we have to do is believe.

Acts 16:31 ...Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved...

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

In His Love,


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Pamela said...

Your singing my tune now girl and oooh did you get some good deals on those tennis shoes. What enthusiasm! God blessed you with a good one! :)