Do Ya See A Pattern Here?

I am indecisive. Always have been, always will be. I don't like to be the one to make a decision when it is something simple like where to eat. I don't care where we go because I am not the picky one. Why does hubby always ask me? It's too much pressure!!

Many years ago on my birthday my husband asked where I wanted to eat dinner. Why did he ask me so late in the day knowing it takes hours for me to decide? I started to panic. I suggested we head to Indianapolis and I would make up my mind going over there.

Oh, the choices in Indy. How can I decide with so many good restaurants to choose from? What am I in the mood for? I kept thinking aloud and I could tell I was already starting to get on his nerves. As we drew closer to our destination he asked for my decision. What? I'm out of time already? By this time he was very frustrated and we got into an arguement over my indecisiveness. It went something like this.....

Me: I don't care where we go. Please just pick a place, okay?
Hubby: It's not my birthday. Now just decide. You like everything.
M: That's just it. Because I do like everything I can't seem to narrow it down. You are the picky one and for my birthday I want you to decide.
H: Where do you want to go?
M: I don't know, where do you want to go?

This ridiculousness went on for several more minutes. I'll spare you the drama!

Hubby: (grouchy) Were going to Cheddar's. I made the decision.
Me: (grouchier) Fine.

We get to Cheddar's and pull in. Hey! Where did the building go? Isn't this where the restaurant is supposed to be? Come to find out Cheddar's had burned down a couple of months back. We looked at each other and just burst out laughing! We couldn't believe that we had argued over something so silly.

Don't go yet....I'm not done...

I can't remember which special occassion but we were back in the same predicament only we weren't fighting! Again, having a hard time deciding where to dine I remembered we had some Montgomery Inn gift certificates! Yay! A decision was made and we were off to Indy again. We both started talking about the delicious, finger licking good food we would consume in just a few short minutes. With mouths watering we pull in to an empty parking lot. You have got to be kidding me! Montgomery Inn was closed--for good! Once again, laughter!

Nope...not done yet....

In November we always go to Columbus for business. The tradition is to eat at LoneStar on the way home. This time we, as a family, decided it was time to break that tradition and try something else for a change. We all agreed on Romano's Macaroni Grill. This is my all time favorite place to eat! We even had to drive out of our way to get to it, but those extra miles would so be worth it! My family was excited! You guessed it....we pull in and Romano's was closed--for good. We could not understand why because it is a fairly new chain and it is sooooo good. While the kids didn't think it was funny, hubby and I had another good laugh!

Please don't go...I promise I am almost done...

This weekend was our 22nd anniversary. Friday night we were famished! Steaks were sounding really good, but which steakhouse should we eat at was the question at hand. I got on the internet and looked them all up. I even printed off menus so once I made a decision I could start in on deciding what to eat. I went back and forth all the way there and I decided (Yes, shocker, I did make a decision!) to try The Colorado Steakhouse. I had never heard of it and the menu looked, well, my mouth was watering again! I found my way there and we drive in, again, to an empty parking lot! They were closed for remodeling! I looked at my husband and smiled and said, "Happy Anniversary! It wouldn't be complete without us closing down a restaurant!" We laughed about it all weekend! I'll know next time to call ahead and make sure the establishment still exists!

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