Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Ways My Family Helps Me Daily

1. Get the shower ready for me which includes laying down a towel inside so I don't slip and putting all my favorite soaps and shampoos and smelly things in there.

2. While I take a shower someone lays out my clothes on my bed. You wouldn't believe how many steps this saves me.

3. When I am dressed someone helps me put on my socks and shoes, usually my son because one of my daughters is like me and can't stand feet, even when they are clean!

4. I never have to worry about having something to drink nearby. They all know I love it icy cold too!

5. I'm always offered a back rub or a scratch which I willingly take because I enjoy them so much. Plus having three kids I get spoiled alot throughout the day!

6. When I have a really bad day (which lately is more often than not) someone helps me stand up so I can go to the bathroom or wherever I need to go. And they patiently walk behind me to make sure I don't fall.

7. When I go sit at the dinner table someone will take a soft blanket and put on the sit because they know how painful it is to sit on something hard.

8. They all know it drives me insane to have to sit and not be able to do any housework so they offer to "help" me get things done! This means that I get to supervise while they do all the work! They know how happy I am though to see something accomplished even if I didn't get to do it.

9. Food. Hubby cooks dinner in the evening, but throughout the day they all take turns making things for the family. I do get to help out by cutting or stirring, etc. It's a team effort.

10. Thankfully we all love to play games so we entertain ourselves often by playing boardgames or cards. We like to make up crazy rules too! Nothing is ever normal around here.

11. I love it when the girls will play their flute or clarinet for me. And my husband is the best singer ever (seriously!) so he sings to me quite often.

12. Utter silliness! They all know how much I love to laugh and will do anything to accomplish this! My son will tell jokes, my middle daughter loves to sing horribly on purpose and my oldest likes to do a silly dance that I love so much. And hubby can do impersonations, silly dances or silly walks...anything he can possibly think of to make me laugh he will do!

13. Love. Love. Love. I get so many I Love You's, kisses on my forehead and hugs a plenty all day long! It's like Valentine's Day everyday around our home!

Thank you guys for all you do for me everyday. I truly appreciate it. I love you all so very much!


Christine said...

You have such a wonderful caring and loving family. The Lord has truly blessed you.
That's what I love about mine, is the team effort for cooking dinner.

Have a great Thursday, Amy!

Barb said...

A *love*ly thursday thirteen, Amy. Sounds like you're completely surrounded in love. :-)

amy said...

what a wonderful family and great list! i love it!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy TT, Amy! You are really lucky; when I had surgery two years ago, it was pretty much business as usual, even though I couldn't lift my arms at first. (Ever tried lifting a toilet lid when you can't lift your arms? I became a queen of deep knee bends!)

Carol said...

You are truly blessed! What servant's hearts your kids have!

Goofy Girl said...

Your family sounds so sweet!! :) We've been learning about RA recently, and I always think of you!!

Lady G~ said...

What an AWESOME tribute to your family! You are so loved.

Having had two brain surgeries, I've been taken care of too. We are so blessed.

Pamela said...

So I see you have a bit of a slow motor but you have so great technical support there! lol

I love your sense of humor! Your family sounds so much like our family. I always feel like I have to emphasize this little fact to new people we meet all the time, like a warning label! lol

I am praying that you start feeling a little bit better Amy. I know you are not feeling your best! ((hugs))

Michelle said...

Now that is the definition of love and family! How blessed you are to have family to take care of you like that!