I Am

I am the unexpected baby born three weeks late in the middle of a hot, humid midwest summer to an anxious homemaker with a servants heart and a beaming grocery store manager with a gentle spirit.

I am daddy's little girl that worked along side him with her own hammer and a box of nails. I am mommy's little shadow that mimicked her every move who baked cakes in her Easy Bake oven.

I am the happy little girl that was never without her baby dolls because she knew she was meant to be called Mommy. My treasures of gumball machine trinkets, Cracker Jack prizes, penny candy and every Peanuts comic book imaginable were kept hidden from my brother.

I am the fearless little girl that climbed on top of houses, jumped out of swings who dreamed of becoming an Olympic gymnast and never thought she would have to forfeit her childhood at the age of ten.

I am the responsible teenager who gave up slumber parties and football games to babysit all the neighborhood children. I am the sensitive teenager that wore her heart out on her sleeve who loved the outcasts in school and who hated clicks.

I am the giggly teenager that knew it was more than Puppy Love she was feeling. I am the screaming teenager that wore purple socks to his concert that almost fainted when he sang Sunshine Lady because she just knew that he was singing it to her!

I am the struggling teenager who stayed on crutches all through high school.

I am the immature teenager that still played with dolls because I knew I was meant to be called Mommy someday.

I am the insecure woman that wondered if any man would marry her because her crippled body may not be able to have children.

I am the praying woman asking God to do His will in my life.

I am the thankful woman seeing prayers answered by meeting Mr. Right.

I am the seeking woman asking God if my dream of motherhood will come true.

I am the believing woman knowing that with God all things are possible.

I am the proud mother who loves God and praises Him for my three beautiful blessings!

I am the listening mother that loves to hear Mommy, but goes crazy by the end of the night because she's heard it one too many times!! I am the happiest Mommy when I hear daily, "I love you Mom!" by my three miracles.

I am the proud, supportive, loving wife of David. I am presidential and make important business decisions daily along side her best friend of twenty two years!

I am the laughing woman who enjoys life to the fullest. I am the appreciative woman who is thrilled with the smallest of gestures. I am the spoiled woman who prefers to try it on her own, but has a family that jumps right in and helps.

I am the tough woman who has had to fight pain daily for thirty two years. I am the sensitive woman who realizes other people face harsher challenges. I am the thankful woman that knows she is blessed beyond measure.

I am the giggly woman who still loves her teenage crush but loves her husband even more!

I am the teachable woman who longs to learn from her daily devotions who seeks Gods wisdom and prays for others.

I am the loved woman who is surrounded by a faithful husband, three courageous children and a mother with a servants heart who has just lost her gentle spirit one month ago.

I am the joyful woman whose dreams became reality fifteen years ago.

I am the anticipating woman who knows she is meant to be called Grandma someday.

But most importantly I am a saved by grace, child of the King.

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Carol said...

Tell me you got this in on time!!

Oh, and just try to tell me you didn't shed a tear writing it. I know I let one slip while reading.

Michelle said...

Wow this was beautiful to read- all the different aspects of yourself, who you are, and who you were and how you see yourself! What a great piece of writing, thanks for opening your heart and sharing!

owlhaven said...

This is lovely. I especially liked the short lines with the 'ing' words in the middle...praying, seeking, believing...

Good job!


Christine said...

Amy, this is such an emotional moving post. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I felt anger, I felt hope.
It is definetly a great piece of writing, and yes my eyes couldn't stay dry reading this.

Pamela said...

Amy, this was so beautiful and well written! You have definitely conquered your adversities and held steadfast and true to your faith and your love of the Lord!

You have a beautiful spirit and I pray that your pain will be lessoned and that you will continue to enjoy your blessed husband and sweet family!

It is so amazing how when faced with so much hardship and adversity, we delight in all the little things, all the blessings, and the junk just doesn't bother us as much anymore. You are such an inspiration! :)

Chrystal said...

My first thought, YOU GO GIRL! :) You know who you are in Christ, and that in itself is worth the world!
You've been through a lot, and yet you continue to smile and brighten our day, you have such a sweet spirit about you. :)

Linds said...

Lovely, Amy. A really wonderful sharing.

Linda said...

Am I to infer from this post you had "Donny Love," too? I posted about my first concert in 1973. Maybe you're talking about somebody else who wore purple socks, but I think we may have a huge moment from the past in common! Great post, very well-written.