Holy Exam Batman!

Who wants to join a club with an easy initiation? You? I thought so!

On the 17th of every month HolyMama is asking us to do a self breast exam. After we are finished we check in with her and leave a comment or two (since we have a pair...sorry!) and let her know we did it. After participating once you get a really cool button for your sidebar! Check mine out. And after your sixth time you're upgraded to a crown! I already think I am Queen so I can't wait to get mine ;o)

More importantly we are one step closer in taking better care of ourselves. We as wives, moms, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, and friends want to make sure we can do all that we can to be here for each other. My SIL has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through chemo and radiation right now. What little I've seen I pray that I don't have to go through anything like it.

C'mon and join the club. If you won't do it for yourself please do it for your husband, parents, siblings, friends or children. I know they will say Thanks!

I'll leave now so you can have your privacy. And welcome to the club!


Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your SIL and I'll be keeping her in my prayers as she goes through her treatments!

Thanks for spreading the word about an important cause; I try to make sure I do this every month as well.

Carol said...

It's a wonderful thing Kelsey is doing, creating awareness in the blogosphere about the importance of BSEs.

So sorry to hear about your SIL. Keep us posted how she's doing over time.