Recipe For Amy's Happiness

1 layer of slush~the dirtier the better
Topped with sleet~make sure it's good and slippery
Add your choice of snow or rain~be creative and do a combo!

Two days of school cancellations
One key to unlock the snack drawer and help yourself to anything (BUT stay away from my kettle corn and Milk Duds if you want me to stay happy!)
Two televisions, one portable dvd player, and plenty of MP3 players to go around~as long as I get the one with you know who singing on it!

One happy husband who doesn't have to work and is taking it easy for a change
One daughter who has lots of library books she's been wanting to read
Another daughter who enjoys The Sound of Music more than anyone I know has the chance to watch it without interruption
Add a son who has been dying for it to snow so he can build a fort
And one happy dog that has five people to spoil her even more than she already is

This recipe is not complete without:

A hug anytime we pass each other
A few games of Canadian Racko
A dozen or more~I Love You's
A house full of laughter and singing~fighting is not an option here!
One long hot shower for each, but must get back in pajamas

I am one happy lady right now!


Pamela said...

Sounds like one cozy little family! So you guys are getting some pretty icky weather huh!

Glad you all have the right attitude. Nice to have time to do the things we never otherwise have time to do!

We had a terrific thunder and lightning storm today. Had to unplug my computer a couple of times. Then when I was on my daughter Chrystal and I chatted online for hours. So my day kind of flew by!

Hope you all stay snug as a bug in a rug! :)

Barb said...

Happy Times! Don't you love an unexpected free day like that?

By the way, I read your "I Am" post, too. Loved it. I love running into this everywhere I go out here. Such a nice way to get to know everyone better.

Happy Valentine's Day, Amy. Stay Warm! LOL

Linda said...

You know, I totally agree with your post, although i joke about the fam being home-bound. Even down to the dog who is so happy that we're all together and loving on her! I'm wondering where you general vicinity is and if the storm has passed there. We seem to be over the worse here in Muncie. also, I'm just wondering if you like giraffes? Just curious!

Michelle said...

I love your recipe for happiness! Sounds like a fun, relaxing, happy day at your house today!

Carol said...

Oh, enjoy your impromptu together time!