How May I Serve You?

Okay Peeps, check this out....5 Minutes For Mom is having a week long party!
How did they know I need a break? Smart ladies!

Here's your chance to get your blog noticed, meet new friends, and win prizes! Yeah, that's right! I said win prizes.

I have met soooo many wonderful friends through blogging. I want you to have the chance to meet all the great ladies I have come to know and love.
Yes, I am willing to share because they all have enough love to go around!

And please let me know if you have any food allergies because I want everyone to be able to join in on the FUN! I do have two cats and a dog, but I will have them in another room so they won't be a bother. Same goes for my three kids unless you all want to meet them! LOL!

I gotta go so I can start cleaning (ugh!) decorating, and planning my menu, and getting my Donny Osmond cd's ready~ahhh, c'mon you're gonna love him! Okay, okay! I'm open to suggestions ;o)

NOTE: Please be in prayer for Janice. She's been having a rough time with her pregnancy. Right now all is well, but she and the baby need our prayers right now! Thanks!


Pamela said...

Better believe I'll be there! wouldn't miss the party for anything! Looking forward to it! Gee, that reminds me that I better get my act together too! So much going on with the new granddaughter that I might have forgotten. Arianna does like to cuddle and still needs to be swaddled she gets cold really easy. Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the heads up about Janice, I hadn't heard she was having troubles and I will pray for her.

Kailani said...

I love a good party! I'll be there!

An Island Life

Vicki said...

Found you via Carol's....and wanted to say hi. Blessings from Georgia!