Letter of the Alphabet Meme!

I asked Christine to pick out my letter and she was gracious enough to give me the letter “G”! So here are 10 things that start with the letter “G” that I LOVE…! This will be so easy for me!

1. God is definitely #1 on my list! I can't do anything without Him.
2. Giggling babies are the absolute best! There are many videos on YouTube that are worth watching over and over! My favorite one is quadruplets laughing at their daddy.
3. Giraffes~that's kinda obvious I know, but they are amazing animals don't ya think?
4. Grape juice is my absolute fave! I only wish our communion cups were like 12 ounces!!
5. Goofy Girl is Great! She is a very dedicated med student who is extremely creative. She barely even knew me and I asked her to design by blog and she was sweet enough to do it for me. She loves her doggie as much as I do and takes beautiful pictures too!
6. Growling tummies~yes, it's weird, I know! I love the feeling of my tummy growling and I like to laugh at the funny sounding ones too, except when it happens during church!
7. Green Apple is my favorite Jone's soda! It's like drinking a liquid Jolly Rancher.
8. Girls in my Awana group. I teach the eight and nine year old girls on Wednesday nights and they are just so precious to me. Not only are they good listeners and hard workers, but they take good care of me too! They love to help Miss Amy when she doesn't feel well!
9. Games! I love to play board games with the family or on the Game Cube! What a great time to fellowship with friends too!
10. As I was writing my list I knew that I was going to put down my Grandpa Williams as my #10 thing I love that begins with G. Before I finished this my mom called to tell me that he passed away today. He was 102 1/2 years young! He has been blind most of his adult life, but that never stopped him from keeping his garden that was about two acres big! No, I am not kidding! He was a hard worker all his life, he was a sweet, sweet man and a wonderful grandfather. I know that today my father welcomed his dad into the kingdom of Heaven!

If you would like to play along leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter!


Christine said...

See, I knew God and Giraffes, would be a few of your answers. I enjoyed reading about the others. LOL! about the grapejuice and communion cups being bigger. Every time I take communion I think the same thing, not the wafer being bigger, but more grape juice. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. He definetly lived a very full life. That's a wonderful way to look at it, that your dad welcomed him into heaven.
Great answers Amy, thanks for playing.

Pamela said...

The letter "G" was absolutely perfect for you! Christine did a good job! God is #uno in my book too! 12 oz cups in church for communion and we'd all be chugging! lol I have never heard of a Jone's soda, but love the idea of drinking a liquid jolly rancher! haha! Will have to check out that video clip featuring the quadruplets laughing at their daddy. There is nothing so infectious as a baby's giggle!

Can't wait to watch the Super Bowl, one of my favorite parts is the million dollar commercials! lol

Hey, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss! Your Grandpa sounds like he was an incredible man who didn't let his blindness detour him from living life to the fullest! Sounds like someone else I know! Did he live close to you all! My love and prayers are with you!

Goofy Girl said...

I love you list - so many great G things! :D

Awww, thanks for the little mention of me, it was a pleasure to do a blog design for someone so full of life and love :D