WFMW~The Christmas Edition!

I know this Christmas edition of WFMW is going to be a fun one!
When my husband and I first married we had absolutely no ornaments to put on our nine foot Douglas Fir tree! We went to Target and Wal-mart and bought those colored balls which were okay, they just weren't svery special. Over the years we have accumulated more than enough special ornaments to decorate two nine foot trees!
When I had kids I knew that when they were old enough and moved out I didn't want them to start out with a bare tree. Every year I buy them a very special ornament (usually from the Hallmark stores) that describes their personality for that year. When "J" was big into fire trucks we bought him a fire truck ornament, when "K" wanted to be a ballerina we bought her...well, you get the idea! Each of the kids have their own special box of ornaments that they get to hang on the tree each year. They get a kick hanging them up each year and remembering the different phases of their childhood. Plus they know that when they decide to leave home that they get to take their special ornaments with them to decorate their very first tree!
If you haven't thought of this before, it's never to late to start!
Merry Christmas Everybody!


Goofy Girl said...

That's a really cute idea!! Paul and I have a little tree I got last year with little ornaments.

Pamela said...

Amy, what a thoughtful thing to do for your kids. It is so true in that we didn't have any ornaments to start off with either. When your receive ornaments as a gift it just means that much more too! :) Love it!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

How did you get that cute little giraffe up there?