Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Dumb Things I Have Said Or Done In My Life!
1. All for the love of a boy named Bobby~we dug a hole in the ground just big enough for my foot. I would stick my foot in the hole and he would try to hit it with my dad's rusty shovel. We were trying to see who was faster-me or him. Guess who won? I had to have a tetanus shot that day! Hey, I was seven years old and in love and completely stupid!
2. I found a stray cat one winter and my dad said I could bring him in and feed him some cat food. I could tell by the look in this poor kitty's eyes that he wanted milk instead. I gave him a big bowl full~at least two cups full. My dad told me I needed to put him back outside, but I went and put him in my bedroom and closed the door. When I had to go to bed that night I opened my door only to see that the cat had had diarrhea ALL OVER my bedroom walls! Obviously the milk didn't settle with him! This was the only time my father was ever mad at me. Poor daddy spent the next two hours cleaning it up. A couple of weeks later I got new wallpaper in my room and I never saw the stray cat again! I wonder where he went to....
3. When I was in eighth grade I cheated on my science test. I had studied, but for some reason I got so nervous when taking it. My teacher confronted me and then I lied to him about it. I couldn't sleep because I knew I had done wrong and for no reason! I knew the answers! Dumb!
4. One Sunday morning during worship service someone got up to sing special music. I wasn't fond of his singing and leaned over to my friend and said, "Oh great, can't somebody else sing today instead of him?" Only then did I realize I was talking to his daughter! I quickly covered up by saying, "I wish you could see the look in your eyes! You thought I was serious!" I quickly turned my head and started listening! That man still sings today at our church and has a beautiful tenor voice. I was stupid as a teenager not to recognize his talent. And I am still friends with his daughter I'm happy to report!
5. I hate milk with a passion! My mother always had me drink a glass at dinner. We had one of those big oval rugs under our kitchen tables growing up. I would make sure I was always the last one at the dinner table and when no one was looking I would pour my milk out on the carpet! I would then use my foot to rub it in so mom couldn't tell ;o) Well....she didn't notice until the sour smell filled the air! Being the dedective that she is it didn't take long to figure out what I had done! You know the saying-Don't cry over spilled milk-well I did because I got a spanking!
6. I was dumb enough to let my brother talk me into believing that there was a Hair Fairy! I would save all the hair from my hairbrush and put it under my pillow hoping that she would bring me some new ponytail holders or ribbons! Yeah, that was dumb!
7. My first day working at Hickory Farms I sold one of the displays to somebody that was shipping it as a gift to Texas! Nobody bothered to tell me they were fake~they weighed as much as the real thing! I wonder what that person thought when they tried to bite into the beef stick?
8. I tried buttermilk once because my grandma loved it and I admired her so much~NASTY!
9. As a teenage girl I always sat by all the teenage boys at church~one time after going to the bathroom I came back to the pew with my dress tucked inside my undies. Talk about embarassing~the guys have never let me live that one down!
10. My husband and my brother-in-law sound exactly alike, especially on the phone. Right after we were married my bil called me pretending to be my hubby (my husband put him up to it). Being the young newlywed that I was I said all kinds of embarassing mushy things. This went on for at least five minutes until I heard my husband laughing in the background. I was none to please with my new husband to say the least. I still kinda blush in front of my bil too!
11. As some of you know my husband restores cars for a living and many years ago he asked if he could bring home a transmission because he had no where to store it for the time being. I said SURE why not! Fast forward about fifteen years...that same transmission is still here! Gggrrrrrr. My fault, me dumb!
12. I'm sure many of us have done this (I hope anyway) but one time I double deposited a big check. I'm not sure why I didn't realize it because it was quite a large one and of course I bounced many checks until I discovered it. Luckily, we have a checking account that pays for that kind of stuff-but still this was a really dumb thing to do!
13. The list could go on and on of all the dumb things I have ever said or done, but I guess I will end with this one....We had a nurse shark named Fluffy...NO! That's not the dumb thing I did was naming him Fluffy...that was my husband's doing! Anyway, I accidentally killed him. When my husband was in South Africa it was my job to take care of Fluffy. By this time he was 28 inches long. We had a 110 gallon tank so he had plenty of room. Anywho, one night Fluffy bumped one of the tubes in his tank and it broke. By the time I realized it about half of the water had gushed out onto the floor! I spent hours and hours drying up all the water. I let it dry overnight and the next morning when I went to feed Fluffy I turned on the lights for his tank... there was still water left in the power strip and it somehow it shocked him to death and sent me flying. Do you have any idea how hard it was to tell my husband I had killed his shark? He was not mad at me and was more concerned for my injuries, but I felt horrible. We had a nice little funeral for Fluffy the Shark. He will always be remembered fondly.....
What's something dumb you have done that you are willing to share?


Pamela said...

My word Amy, your parents and maybe even your sweet hubby must be close to saints! lol I was sitting on the edge of my seat reading this. You should have prepared my senses for earth shattering confessions by my sweet angel friend or something...ha ha! I got the impression you could have written more. lol

Now for the sad news, you mean there really isn't a hair fairy! *sniffle sniffle*

Goofy Girl said...

Hahah I do lots of dumb stuff all the time. Today I almost knocked over a full glass of water - Paul caught it in time but the floor was all wet!!

Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

Too funny.I feel like I'm in good company,though, because I have a string at least that big. Selling the Hickory Farms display beats all!

When I was around 7 yrs,I had a scientific mind. I wanted to see if my nostrils were connected at the top,so I stuck rocks up my nose, trying to push them through to the other side. I ended up going to emergency to have them removed. Guess what, there's a special tool for removing objects from noses. Guess I'm not the only one!

amy said...

Thanks for the honest TT. Us AMys are alike. Mine is still up