Mellow Monday

Today's question at www.carlalynne.blogspot.com is~What Games Do You Play?

That's a good question for me today because all weekend long I was down with a sinus infection and cramps~you name it, I had it! But to keep me entertained my kids and I had some kind of board game out all weekend! We played: MadGab, Sequence, Yahtzee!, Racko, and Guess Who. Last night after church we came home and made individual pizzas and sat down and the whole family played six games of Clue~I won twice :o)

I've said it before and I'm going to keep saying it, but my family enjoys sitting around and talking, eating and playing together! I've noticed lately that the families I come in contact with rarely do this anymore. I find that very sad. Some of my very favorite memories with my family is playing games together. It was always a big deal at my home because dad would get out the card table and set it up in the family room. My brother and I would race to the closet and we each got to pick out a game we wanted to play for Family Night. I usually chose Yahtzee and my brother enjoyed Monopoly. My mom would be busy in the kitchen making popcorn~on the stove no less (not in the microwave!) and filling up glasses with lots of ice because we were allowed to have soda on Family Night!! Ah yes, good times :o)

What is your favorite board game to play?

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Pamela said...

Ditto all that Amy! :) Family get together's and playing board games is the best! Always a good time! Sunday was always our family day! I am positive that is why we are so close.
I have never heard of Sequence, but have played all the others. :)

Hope you are feeling better, nice that you made the best of it with the kids!