Nine Weird Things

I've been seeing this meme different places and wanted to do it too!

1. Both my folks and my brother wore glasses and I didn't like being the odd one out so I failed my eye exam on purpose so I could have glasses too! Let's just say I couldn't see nary a thing when I got my new spectacles! I'm still the only one in my family that doesn't need glasses!

2. When I read a paper, a magazine or an ad I always start on the back page first. I've tried the normal way and I just can't do it! I'm fine when I read a book tough!

3. I'm scared to pick up cans of refrigerated biscuits~weird I know, but there is a good reason why....the first few times I bought them at the store I picked them up and they immediately popped in my hands ! Been scared ever since ;o)

4. I love to dip my grilled cheese in ketchup and lots of it!

5. When I was eight years old my cat Napoleon ran away from home. I was heart broken because he was the husband to my other cat Angel! One day when I left for school Napoleon was on my front porch waiting for me! I rejoiced with gladness. My mom said, "That cat is NOT Napoleon!" I insisted she was wrong and that I knew my own cat! Well, turns out mom does know best. "Napoleon" gave birth to a litter of five kittens two weeks later!

6. I like my hot food hot-I'd rather blow on my food and cool it down than to take a bite of lukewarm soup...eewwww! Speaking of which, I also like my drinks super duper mega cold with tons and tons of ice! I drove my family nuts when I had kidney stones because my drinks never seemed cold enough. We went through many bags of ice trying to please me!

7. Ever since I was eleven I have been in love with Donny Osmond and I know that someday when both he and I are no longer with our current spouses that we will meet and fall in love ;o)

8. I've said it once and I'll say it again...BLUE makes me happy. One of my employees brought me in a cell phone holder today that is blue and I keep looking at it and smiling. I told "G" thank you so much and he said it was no big deal. I told him it was to a big deal because if he messed up today on a car I couldn't get mad at him because I have my new blue cell phone holder sitting beside me to keep me happy! Then "G" said that blue made him happy too! Aha, a new convert!
9. I'm 42 years old and I still love to blow huge bubbles with my bubble gum. I'm still a kid at heart~what can I say? :o)


Pamela said...

Amy, this was so cute! You had me giggling though the whole thing! From the eye glasses to the Donny Osmond to forgiving G for the boo boo on the car cause you had a blue cell phone! lol

I love your witty cute sense of humor! Enjoy your day! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your nine weird things. I have a weird on for you. I had 6 boys and one girl. My brother had 6 girls and one boy. My sister has 4 girls and 4 boys. We all have the same mother and father.