Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Did And Learned On Our Las Vegas & California Trip!
1. This is sad, but true~On the flight out to Vegas I watched my new Donny & Marie Osmond dvd and cringed at every cheesy skit they did! It was great to be eleven years old again!
2. I learned to complain in Vegas (I usually keep my complaints to myself). When we arrived at our hotel room the lock did not work. The maintenance guy worked on it for three hours and it still didn't work. If we wanted in our room we had to have security unlock it for us. It was the only handicapped room available otherwise we would have switched rooms. Anywho, they got it fixed and told us so and left it at that. We said we wanted compensated in some way so they did give us a couple of nights free!
3. Although we went to the SEMA convention for work I did manage to get 98 pens, 37 lanyards, about six pounds of assorted candy, six hats, over 100 stickers, 42 key chains, a bunch of miscellaneous stuff like air freshners, screwdrivers, water bottles, etc., 11 t-shirts, and a ton of nice bags to use for whatever! I love getting the freebies!
4. I got my crutches signed by Mario Andretti~now I can walk faster ;o)
5. I'm not a gambler, but I did win $30 on a penny machine! I took my earnings and bought three Las Vegas hoodies for my kids at just $10 a piece!
6. I won a hat and six really nice polo type shirts at the Quaker State oil booth! I know my son will love the shirts!
7. I got my crutches pin striped by Hot Rod~a famous pin striper~who is also a christian!
8. Went to MGM on Halloween and saw some freaks! I did see some really good Jack Sparrow costumes and some other clever ones. Then there was the guy dressed up like a Playboy bunny~eewwww, a guy dressed as Tarzan with very little on, and a blind referee!
9. We did the usual touristy stuff in California like the Chinese theatre, walk of stars, see the Hollywood sign, went to the ocean, saw the NBC studios and ate at In & Out Burger!
10. I learned that I always overpack no matter how hard I try not too! Went home with a huge duffel bag of clean clothes. I guess it's better to be safe than naked :o)
11. I learned that it's nice to have some time for yourself! I let the guys go to Magic Mountain without me and spent the day reading blogs (happiness and joy) reading a Lori Wick book, talking to my kids without interruptions, watching whatever I wanted on the television, and eating when I wanted to!
12. I realized that I can spend eight days with the same three guys (hubby and our two employees who are more like my sons) and survive all the car talk from morning til night! I'm good at pretending to be interested!!!
13. I learned that it's nice to go away for a bit, but the best place to be is at home with your dog, your parents and mostly your children who you missed more than anything!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Melissa said...

Autographs and pin-stripes: what fun! I'm always glad to be home after being away.

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Goofy Girl said...

Looks like it was a good trip!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good trip. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

Happy T13. :)

Cheryl said...

Sounds like so much fun. I need to get away too!

Pamela said...

Andretti? Wow! Sounds like you hit the jackpot with freebies at the convention! How exciting that you won on the penny machine! I love that you thought of the three kids and spent the money on them. Such a good Mom!

Had to laugh at the blind referee. I always overpack too.

With those pin stripes, I guess we can officially call you "Hot Mama"! :)

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed yourself but yes, there is no place like home!
thanks for visiting my tt this week and for the birthday wishes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm glad you had a great time!

Happy Thursday!

Amy Linder said...

Hey! Your name is Amy and you obviously love giraffes - just like me! And you walk with crutches - almost just like me! (I use a walking stick). Are we twins?

Great list! Welcome home.

Amy :)

ribbiticus said...

lots of learnings from this trip, huh? #13 is almost always true. my tt's up! ;)

Happy0303 said...

#11 sounds like the perfect vacation to me!

The Pink Diary

Barb said...

Wow. I haven't been to Vegas in seriously, almost 30 years. But this brought back all the memories. When I left after a five day visit, I thought I'd never want to go back. But this makes me want to take my saved nickles and quarters and go back. :-)