Tuesday This 'N That

Have you noticed that a lot of bloggers aren't posting as regularly as they used to? I hope their lives are just busy and their families are coming first. I miss you guys....you know who you are!

Tonight is American Idol!!!! I get the jitters about an hour before it starts. I love the guys so much more than the girls. Luke better bring it tonight; otherwise he's a goner. Even our bulldog stops and watches some of the singers! I don't know if she thinks it's her daddy because he sings all the time or she is a fan of the show...lol! GO LUKE!

Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes has posted lots of new pics of her baby boy this week. He is so adorable you just want to squeeze him! And his new big sister, Kayla, is being a big helper too. I can't believe how big she looks now that Lucas is here.

Two of my blogging friends posted about holding their little girls' hands and wondering how much longer they would get to since they are growing up. I understand the feeling since my girls are now 21 and 19! But the good news is that they still love to hold my hand...even in public! When we sit together in church they'll hold it and even when we're walking around the mall. And even when they see a friend they won't drop my hand like a hot potato. Nope. So do not fear moms of little girls!

Even if you are not into space and all that jazz I highly recommend watching In The Shadow Of The Moon. We bought it because my husband is huge into anything NASA. We went and saw it in the theatre too and it is just amazing to watch and just so heart touching to hear the astronauts tell of their experiences.

My surgery is coming up on Friday. Finally!! Get that kid rock out of there. The hospital is 1 1/2 hours away and we have to be there at 5:30 am. Sadness! But at least that means I don't have to wait as long until I can have a drink. Non alcoholic of course. That came out wrong. Ahh, you know what I mean!

Please pray that they can find a vein easily for my IV. When they attached this bag to my back last month it took nine sticks before they found a vein in my pinky finger. And it wasn't a very big one either, but as least they got one! This is the only thing I dread before surgery. Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to watch American Idol and vote for your favorite guy. Such as Luke, maybe! At least help him get into the top twelve..please! Don't you want the camera crews to come to Crawfordsville so I can be on television and say HI to all of you? I promise I won't say, "Hi Mom" like everyone else does. I'll say, "Hello Blogville!" A promise is a promise!!


Faith said...

Ok...we are voting for Luke if he is any good tonite, which I am sure he will be! I want him to get in the final 5!!!! He is a doll! Of course we still love david around here too. I agree that this year the guys have been more fun to watch than the girls. It's almost time!!!! I will pray for your surgery too!

Mom not Mum said...

I am so jealous! I don't get American Idol until Thursday and Friday - at least this is an improvement from years past where they saved it all until Friday then broadcast it over here. The upside is I can watch it all at once if I tivo it - BUT I have to be really careful about what websites I go to so I don't see who was voted out before I watch. LOL

Kimmy said...

I missed Idol last night . . . please post the results if possible, just so that I'm In-the-Know. I'll be praying for you about your surgery, for sure. How long will you be in for? ((HUGS))

Featured Sites said...

Thank you for the encouragement and support. I hope I have many more years of holding her hand to come.

BTW, do you know where Christine is?

As for AI, sorry but I'm rooting for David Archuleta. ;-)

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