Speed Demon

125 words


Not bad, huh? My husband's always amazed at how fast I can type with three fingers. Hey, at least I can do something quick! LOL!

How about you? What did you score? Did ya beat me?


Kimmy said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I've never, ever known anyone to type THAT fast! You are amazing. I thought I was doing good at 82 wpm. Unbelievable. Do you talk that fast too?

Jennifer said...

You are a FAST typer sista!!!!

I took the test and I type 64 words per minute.

I bet your keyboard is smokin!

I borrowed this test and added it to my blog. Thanks for the cool idea!

Faith said...

Wow you are fast. I was way faster in high school than just now. (my score was only 54!). In high school I could type 72 words per minute. My hubby says this is a bad test though. A good typing test is one with sentences not isolated words (yes he is a major computer software geek...he types for a living). as for me...I thought it was fun even though I am wicked slow!

Christine said...

WOW!! I only as half as good as you, typing, but talking that's another story!! My husband says I can talk up a storm!! LOL! I can only imagine you talk as fast as you type!!LOL!

Missed you!! Thanks for checking in with me.

I'll be back sometime this weekend!!

Faith said...

Hi Amy: thanks for your nice comments about Claire, etc. Yeah, one woman, whom one of our elders had been witnessing to in our local grocery store, ended up accepting Christ! PTL!
No, my hubby doens't know of a site for typing...he was having fun doing yours but said one with a sentence would be even better. To me they are all the same! If we ever find one though i'll let ya know! blessings!