I feel lazy, oh so lazy!

This is exactly what I want to do today! Only I don't look as cute...lol! I just have no energy whatsoever and I have so much work I need to get done. Having another kidney stone just really set me back as far as work goes and even on my rehabilitation on my hippies. I'm still using crutches for longer walks just because my back gives out if I walk too far. Bah, I should not be griping. Don't you just want to cyber slap my hand and say ~ Get Over It? Yeah, I would too.

There are many wonderful things happening around me though:

My niece in California is in the hospital and will hopefully have her baby girl sometime today! I think Amy would be a lovely name, don't you?

It's raining quite a bit and even though it is dreary we need the moisture. Hopefully things will start greening up soon! That will help me get motivated to start spring cleaning...how about you?

I had my stint pulled out yesterday so now I don't have to go potty every ten minutes! Yay! I know you needed to know that little tidbit. ;o)

I got an unbelievable deal on my favorite drink, NOS. I went into the store and noticed they sold four packs. They didn't have a price so my son scanned them. The scanner said $1.69. Well, I knew that wasn't so because one can is normally $1.99, which is ridiculous I know. Plus there was a dollar off coupon. I told the manager that this was not the correct price and he said that since it was their mistake I could have them. So I was able to buy five 4 packs at .69 cent each! That made each delicious can only seventeen cents!!

And I just read where Donny & Marie will host the Miss USA pageant on April 11th! I do love me some Osmond's, but I'll have to admit that every where I turn there they are. Am I the only one that's noticed this new Osmania?

And American Idol is on tonight! Yipee! Who will get kicked off this week? Please, oh please let it be Kristy Lee Cook. I know I haven't even seen her performance yet, but I'm entitled to my opinion, right? Anybody else agree? Or do you all actually have a life outside of reality television?

I need to end on a happy note! Let me ask a question.....

What's been your greatest blessing this week?


Kimmy said...

~The Osmonds: Yes, I noticed that too about them. Why the mania all of a sudden?
~American Idol and Kristy Lee Cook. Goodbye. Please, oh please, Goodbye.
~My blessing of the week? My new job! Thanks for asking.

marina said...

Oh amy, I never what to hear that again I "will never say get over it"
you have good reason to be down you have been ill and its not easy getting well I know I suffer from Esptine Barr Virus was told in June and I thought I was going though a depression my doctor say's along with not having engery depression sets in :"so I should say "get over it" but I can't I feel it amy its in my body I am really tried somedays I just want to cry!! I am waiting for time to heal me, I know what its like to be down from being ill form surgey or illness and its not fun ,,you need awhole lot of LOVE AND CARE!!
then you will get well and prayer of course never hurts.Parise God we have Hope!!
please email me , your sister in Christ,marina

marina said...

PS. love Donny Osmond!! I will never get tried of seeing him!!!

Faith said...

Since I consider Sunday to be the first day of the week for me, my greatest blessing so far has been to watch my youngest daughter worship in dance, drama and song over the weekend, using the gifting of ballet that God has blessed her with and applying her secular training to worshipping the Lord and to help bring people into the Kingdom!

I am hoping either Kristi or David C go off this week.