Honestly, do you ever wish to be a child again? I sure do. I long to enjoy another warm summer afternoon playing outside with all my friends.

Taking turns rolling down the hill as fast as we can. Getting grass stains on our cotton white shorts. But who cared, we were having fun!

Running barefoot in the soft silky grass. Having to watch our footsteps to avoid the bumblebees resting on the clover. But who cared, we were loving every minute of it!

Riding our bikes all through the neighborhood without worry. No helmet, no shoes. But who cared, we were innocent back then.

Gathering all the neighborhood kids in the back yard for a game of Red Rover. We all got a long. Mom would bring out a pitcher of cherry Kool Aid. We were sweaty and stinky and dirty as could be. But who cared, we were being kids!

I had a great childhood. I knew I was loved. I had it easy. My chores were feeding my pets and keeping my room tidy. That's it. Sigh! I long for those days, don't you?


Fresh Girl said...

I could handle being a child again, particularly one who didn't have to pay bills. ;)

Kailani said...

My daughter and I just had this conversation. She thinks I'm so lucky to be an adult and I think she's so lucky to be a child.

an island life

Jennifer said...

I very much enjoyed my childhood too.

I can remember very well...

staying outside playing kick the can with all of my neighborhood friends until the street lights came on.

Getting up, eating breakfast, and playing outside until Mom hollered for me to come in and eat supper....then back out again.

My Mom WAS the Mom that brought out the big pitcher of cherry Kool-Aid for all of us to quench our thirst.

I had so much fun as a child...

Thank you for rekindling some memories!

Have a great day!

Kimmy said...

Yes, I do wish I could be a child again . . . worries and cares were so far away.

Faith said...

WOuld love the play part again...not the homework part though! Although I think our children get way more than we ever did!
My fave memories of childhood:

playing in the woods behind our house and not fearing strangers
Playing at our adirondack camp and not fearing bears/ticks/strangers
Playing kickball with neighbor kids
Playing ManHunt with neighbor kids
Going to the corner store for 5 cent fudgecicles....and penny bubble gum!
Ah...those were the days...

marina said...

Yes I can remember the days catching fire flys at night laying on the grass in the summer nights and wishing on a star!!
feeling my toes on the grass.
hope your ok my friend.marina

Ruthie said...

I saw your comment on 2nd cup of coffee about Crawfordsville.

I have warm and delightful childhood memories of spending summers with my grandma and grandpa at their farm in Crawfordsville! He was a school principal, too. We had so much fun riding on their ponies.....walking with my cousins through the apple trees and the cow pasture down to splash our toes in Sugar Creek... swinging on the grape vines... The smell of freshly cut hay and "Off" mosquito repellent. Then they'd always take us out to eat at the Holiday Inn.

I have three aunts, an uncle, and lots of cousins who still live there. I was pulling for Luke Menard!

Mom not Mum said...

I loved my childhood as well. Getting up early and riding bikes all day and ending the day laying on the grass looking at the clouds. I do my best to let me children have some of those same experiences - I let them play outside until it's too late to take a bath and all you can do is scrub your dirty feet before climbing in to bed. I only hope that we'll always live in a place where I will feel comfortable with them being outside being kids!

Sandy said...

Oh Amy that post really takes me back. Sounds like you and I grew up in the same neighborhood. :)

I just finished a post about how kids don't play like they used to. They don't play out

Heart of Rachel said...

I have fond memories of childhood. It's wonderful being young because you can be carefree and have no worries.