Thursday Thirteen


1. Since I keep my blog a secret from my family it's hard to find time when I don't have someone peeking over my shoulder and not minding their own business! Therefore, no posts.

2. I'd much rather read about all of your lives then try to think of something to write about. Not much exciting stuff going on here.

3. Having taken six weeks off to de-rid my body of kidney stones you could say that I am kinda behind in my work. House and job. Oh well, there's always tomorrow to caught up!

4. I've been busy watching American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Jon & Kate plus 8, and re-runs of Little House on the Prairie. And Friends!

5. Spending too much time on e-Bay buying all the Donny Osmond memoribilia I can find.

6. My children are talkers. Yes, they are older....21,19 and 17. They talk more now than when they were little. No wonder my ears get so dirty. I sure do alot of listening. Some day I am going to tell them my ears are full now. Go find someone else to listen!

7. Now don't take that the wrong way people. Trust me. I spend hours upon hours listening. So another reason I haven't posted much is because I have also been an ear for a couple friends who are going through some rough times. I do care about everyone, even if it doesn't sound like it!

8. Several of our customers have come to the shop this week to check out their cars. I didn't think it would be too appropriate to ignore them so I could blog!

9. Seriously, I have spend way too much time at Wal-mart lately. Not because I enjoy shopping there, but our Wal-mart is just way too big and not laid ouit very well at all. Even when I use an electric scooter and only have three items on my list it can take an hour to get in and out of there! Seriously.

10. Now on the other hand I have spend way too much time shopping at Fashion Bug and Goody's because I received some unbelievable coupons and they each have awesome clearance and my girls love their clothes. So this is justified!

11. Not enough time in the day to blog and go potty every ten minutes! Hey, at least I know my kidneys are working well! Yeah, yeah...TMI.

12. Spending too much time singing God Bless the USA after hearing Kristy Lee Cook sing it on American Idol. I may not sing as well as her, but I have more personality. Sorry Kristy supporters, but I hope she goes home next week!

13. I would blog, but I'm still peeling Peeps off the carpets, walls, countertops, clothes and Easter baskets. Man are those things sticky!



Pamela Kramer said...

LOLOL - Love #6. Have a great TT!

Kimmy said...

What did I tell ya?
Personally I would have rather seen Syesha exit yesterday, but, oh well. I'm beginning to think Kristy Lee Cook is never going to go!
Thanks for the post. Very enjoyable.

Kimmy said...

Oh, and Amy . . . THANK YOU for the baby polar bear gift on Facebook! That made my day!!!

Faith said...

I think Kristi is staying because of her looks. It certainly can't be because of her vocals! I am hoping she goes off next too or Ramielle.

Sandy said...

Hey you have facebook??? So do I! I will search for you! :)

Love the post and your sense of humor!! :)

Dianne said...

Cute post...and I agree with you one hundred million percent on #2. It's hard to think of something to post sometimes, no doubt! I haven't taken time to read blogs like I want to...due to yucky tax season...but I have enjoyed my time visiting and catching up tonight. You have a FUN blog! :-)

And thanks for your comment on my blog the other day...it was good to see you'd stopped by.

marina said...

you are so right it so hard to get going on house keeping I rather do other things like read blogs than do house work..and, yes you are right I too fine myself finding it hard to post sometiems I wounder if I should keep blogging when I read all these other blogs that always have something to say everyday( and I don't) Hmmmm" was I mad for blogging I wounder??
love your 13 reason. marina

Kailani said...

How was the kidney stones situation? I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I had that once and it was worse than childbirth!


Jennifer said...

You are so funny!
You have lots of fun stuff on here. What chu talkin' bout Willis??? You have plenty of good stuff to blog about.
I LOVE Friends too!! My husband and I were just talking about one of the episodes yesterday. The teeth bleaching one...when Ross's teeth glowed in the dark. LOL!!!
Ok....and why doesn't your fam know about your blog??
My husband has a little bit of blog jealousy. It's funny. Does yours??? HA! Is that the problem??
Take care and have a great day!

Christine said...

You and I are in the same boat!

I am glad to HEAR you are feeling better! Kidney stones are so painful. I'm just about done catching up with housework.

It's so nice to be able to catch up with my buddies. :)