Confession Is Good For The Soul

I have to come clean with y'all. As you know Luke Menard is from my little old hometown of Crawfordsville, Indiana. And while he is not my favorite, I do hope he makes it to the final twelve.

What I have kept a secret is that Amanda Overmyer used to work here in Crawfordsville at Crash McClain's. I am not sure if she lived here, but am assuming she did. I am not a fan of hers at all. I cannot believe she was not cut last night!

If you click on her name you will read an article on MSNBC that she was arrested in Crawfordsville in October 2006 for a DUI. But this is not why I haven't voted for her. I just don't think she can sing!

So see? American Idol is really putting Crawfordsville on the map!

On a final note, did any of you cry when Alaina Whitaker got kicked off? I felt so bad for her. And watching Luke pat David on the back when Alexandrea was singing her final song made me cry too. And then when she left the stage to give him a big old hug made me weep too!

So is it me or is it because I am also PMSing? Just wondering!


Faith said...

OH MY GOSH....I LOVE amanda's voice! I just wish her look wasn't so...well...contrived...is that a good word? She should be her natural self.
I think she has very good vocals, although I prefer Carly and Brooke (kind of. I was glad Alaina was voted off but my daughters and I think Kady should have been, not Alexandrea. We also really like Ramiele (sp?) and Asiah (sp?). That is too bad though about Amanda being arrested...ah well...Like I tell my kids: not every one knows the Lord, and many people make very bad choices...including the voters for AI :)

marina said...

I will agree with Faith my daughter likes Amanda's voice b/c she says it so different. however I didn't tknow about the arreste hope it was not to bad maybe something small I didn't go check it out yet?

But it so true not everyone knows the Lord and there are so many different type's of religions out there for people to get so lost .

Kimmy said...

You are so funny with this whole Idol thing. I personally don't really enjoy many of the female singers, so as many of the guys can stay in there . . .yes! I like Luke's persona and I think he will stay around for a while longer.
Thank you for the song you posted in my comments. That really meant a lot to me. Who sings that song, or, who wrote it? I don't think I'm familiar with it, but maybe it's just the tune that I'm not able to put together with the words.
Check out my post today and you'll have a better understanding of why I've been feeling the way I have been for a while now.
Love you lots,

amy said...

My problem is that Amanda is too different. She can only sing in one way . Thats cool shes different! I always support my follow nurses!!!

On votefortheworst.com they want people to keep Daniel NOriega in!

Kailani said...

I didn't get a chance to watch the elimination episode but I don't care for Amanda either.

Jennifer said...

Good Morning!

I DID NOT like her look last week at all! She looked like Elvira!!
I'm not sure what she was going for...but she failed.
I,too, was very shocked that she didn't get voted off last week.

My favorite girl is probably Brooke. I like her alot.

Have a great day!!!
I can't wait to see who gets voted off tonight.

Ps...I hope they have no problems at all finding your vein. I DO NOT LIKE TO GET STUCK MULTIPLE TIMES EITHER!!! I feel your pain. I don't like to feel like a pin cushion!