Can You Say Ouch?

I usually love getting the mail each day. I've been receiving many cards and letters from women at church and long distance relatives. I love getting hand written letters. Nobody does that anymore, do they?

As I was opening my mail I saw a letter from the hospital. I thought to myself ~ I bet they want to see how I am feeling now. Isn't that sweet? Boy did I get a shock when I opened it up to see a bill for $22,320.97!!! For what?

I sat in the emergency room for over six hours waiting on a room. The only thing they did in there was take blood. Oh, and give me a handy dandy bag to vomit in. I had a semi-private room with a woman that cussed at her boyfriend until wee hours in the morning. I guess I did have surgery to attach my precious pee bag! LOL! I had a couple things of antibiotics. But other than that I don't know what else was done for me.

Maybe I was so out of it I just don't remember the pampering and spa treatments and gourmet meals that were fed to me for $22,320.97. Haha!

Praise the Lord I do have insurance! I'm not sure how much they will pay so I'll just have to save all my pennies until then. Plus I still need to show my husband the bill. That's the part I dread the most right now. Not sure how he will react.

Okay, enough about me! So YAY, Luke made it one more week on American Idol!! I hope he rocks the house next week so he can stay awhile, but I'm not sure. There is some hot talent this year. I love, love, love Jason Castro! I had taped the show and I have watched his performance a ton of times. Have you noticed some of the best talent is coming from some real youngsters? Good for them!

And please remember that I am at home with dial up. I am stopping by for visits, but I can't leave too many comments right now because it just takes way too long to download. Looking forward to going back to work so I can have my DSL! :o)

Hope your weekend is going well!


In His Grip said...

Hey there!
I'm back to writing again after a couple of months off. I am trying to finish my book before summer.
It was good to catch up on your wolrd. I used to sell insurance. Those bills are crazy!
BTW..Who is that darling 17 year old boy from idol??? David? He sure has a set of lungs!
I'll watch for "Luke". I'm just tuning in.

In His Grip,

Kailani said...

Hopefully insurance covers most of that bill! Yikes!

an island life

Jennifer said...

Hospital visits and stays are completely ridiculous in their pricing!!!
22K....that is unbelieveable!!
Maybe someone did knock you out and you received some lovely Spa treatments.....LOL!!
Thank goodness for INSURANCE! I hope you have the good kind!!

I have really gotten into AI in the last couple of weeks. I like to watch it when they get down to the 24 contestants.
Have a great day!!