Could it be? I'm not quite sure but I may have had my first hot flash. I am only 43 years young people! I was at church talking away, as per the norm. All of the sudden I feel warmth come over me. Mostly in my neck area. Hmmm. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

My daughter looked at me and asked me why I was all red and splotchy. I smiled and said, "My first hot flash! I think." She laughed and said, "Only my mom would be all excited about hotflashes!"

Anybody out there with experience in this area yet? I'm not sure what to expect. Maybe I should do some research. Or blame my hot flashes on my love for you know who! LOL!

Until then I'm keeping my face buried in a bucket of snow. And it feels ever so good!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ugh. We're the same age, so I hope that's not what it is. I am SO not looking forward to all of that :(

Hope you're having a great week!!!

Kimmy said...

Nope . . . haven't experienced them YET, and I hope I don't for many more years. But 42 is not that far away for me, so maybe it's possible.

The Foxes said...

No hot flashes yet....I hope not anytime soon!!
I'm 34...so it will happen sooner or later.
I hope LATER...much later!!

Jennifer =-)

Faith said...

I had 3 hot flashes when I turned 43...I am NOT kidding. don't have them anymore as I eat stuff with soy. It really helps (well, helps me anyways). Come on over and visit me and if you look in my sidebar under labels, then click on Nutrition Nuggets I have posted stuff before about perimenopause, symptoms, etc.
Stay Cool!

Sandy said...

Hey I have been a flashing mamma since I was 38! Hee Hee it sounds funnier saying I am a flashing mamma! :) I am the same age as you and I have all those wonderful symptoms for 5 years now! Welcome aboard, it's good to have you! :) LOL!

P.S. this comment comes with prayers attached, I will pray for you and hubby as soon as I hit the publish button!