Wordless Wednesday - Yeah, right!

One of my daily stops each day (besides you!) is the live Giraffe Cam! Someday I want to visit this zoo as well and feed my friends. They also have a Meerkat cam too. You know I love my giraffes and I was excited to see a little one in the bunch!
Have a wonderful day everybody. I'm going back to watching one of God's many creations!


Christine said...

I remember when Marissa was little and we went to feed the giraffes, it's tongue was as long as her little arm.

They are such beautiful and graceful creatures. You'll love my answers for tomorrow!

Take care Amy!

marina said...

have to come by and tell you that DeeDee @ it could be worest" just posted a picture of her and DONNY OSMOND!!! what a lucky duck!!love,marina

lisa marie said...

I came over from Christine's and I'm glad I did. Loving the giraffes! That a bunch!

Michelle in Mx said...

I love giraffes too!
Happy WW!

Kimmy said...

CUTE giraffes!

Hey, Kristy Lee is finally gone. You asked me to make a prediction last week about who I think will be in the final two or something like that . . . well I think it will between the two "Davids" for the final two, with Jason as the third-place taker. Next on my personal hitlist is Syesha, although in the last few weeks I personally would have rather seen her go than Kristy Lee. Kristy Lee was actually kind of beginning to grow on me.