Thursday Thirteen


My daughter and I love to spend a day together shopping, eating and being silly. We also enjoy the thrill and the hunt of finding the best deals and using coupons to get stuff for free! It can be addicting, I tell ya.

1. I had many coupons for different food items. And since we didn't want to waste out money buying food we used these for our lunch. One coupon for a free chicken sandwich at Chic-Fil-A. Two free coupons for a lemon ice at Fazoli's. One coupon for a free value basket at Culver's which was a huge double cheeseburger, fries and a large drink. BTW, Culver's has the best tasting root beer! So we had more than enough food between us and was ready to start our shopping spree!!!!

2. Our first stop was Fashion Bug. I had a coupon for $10 off anything as long as I spent $10. Score! I also had a gift card with $4 left on it. They were also having anywhere from 20% to 60% off clearance. Double score! I found a really pretty pink and white striped sweater and an awesome huge black purse with some kind of print on it. I think I am going to give it to my secret pal because she loves purse too! Plus I got a pair of cute socks and I didn't pay any $$$ out for any of it! How cool am I? And I did look kinda cute in my new sweater. ;o)

3. My daughter didn't have any coupons, but she also found a really cool purse similar to mine, only a little more hip. Which is good considering she is only 20! She also signed up to get a charge card so she could receive 15% off her order. She only paid a little over $3 for the bag and a pair of leggings. Makes a momma proud! She also charged her order and then immediately paid it off. She is trying to build credit for herself which is a good idea!

4. Wally World was the next stop. It's not my favorite place to shop, but it's about the only place I can find tennis shoes to fit my wide, flat feet. Sure enough I found a pair and they were only $9.50! Cool beans! I don't spend much on tennis shoes because I am not hard on them at all and I have never been able to tell a difference in the expensive and the cheap. So why pay more?

5. My daughter also found a cute pair of backless tenny bops for $4!! And they were a good name brand. I just can't remember right now.

6. I love going to The Dollar Tree! That was next on our journey and I only spent one dollar and bought a long handled scrub brush for taking my showers. I love it and it is quite useful for me because I have limitations on my range of motion. I should have bought two!

7. Although we did not stop because we were still full from lunch we saw that they have built a Sonic! I have read about Sonic on other blogs and can't wait to try it sometime. Any suggestions on what to get?

8. Next stop you ask...Bed, Bath & Beyond! I needed to buy a wedding gift. Now bear with me on this one because I hope this makes sense. I had received a coupon for 20% off one item in the store. I was also returning an item that I had bought two months ago for $12.99. On the receipt along with the $12.99 item was another purchase for $49.99. With me so far? I picked out a wok to buy for my wedding gift that was on sale for $14.99. I was also having it gift wrapped and shipped directly to them. When I was checking out I noticed the cashier took the 20% off the old receipt of $49.99. I reminded her that I was buying a wok for only $14.99 and that coupon just took $10.00 off my total. She said that was correct! I asked how. She said that it didn't matter how old the receipt was and that if we brought in a coupon they would take it off the highest priced item. I said I felt like I was ripping them off! She said, "No, we want to save you the most money we can and we want to keep your business." So after my return and buying a wok, wrapped and shipped I only spent $2.21!! I will definitely go back and I will be saving ALL my receipts!

9. We were off to the mall to enjoy the rest off our day. My daughter wanted to buy a cell phone cover from one of the kiosks in the middle of the mall. Before she went I taught her to never pay full asking price. You and I both know those covers probably cost a whole fifty cents and they were asking $25.00. Can you believe that? I told her to offer them half, but she got scared and asked if they would take $5 off. Of course they said yes! Grrrr. While she considered it a deal I knew that she could get that little, glittery, pink with hearts piece of plastic for a lot less! Live and learn I guess. She's happy with it and that's all that matters. Plus it was her money so what do I care? LOL!

10. We were getting hungry again so we went to Subway for their foot long subs for $5. We split one and went without a drink because we thought we might splurge and get a smoothie. We had heard that if you ask for the broken cookies at Subway they have to give them to you and no charge. We tried it and it worked! So we each had a couple of broken cookies!

11. With a full tummy we were off again and we went to Old Navy. I needed some prizes for my girls at Awana and I found some! They had the prettiest backpacks on clearance!! Wheeeeee! They were big and sturdy and ever so cheap.....only $2.00 people! I grabbed what was left, which was five and I high-tailed it out of there because I felt like I was robbing the place! And yes, the girls are very happy with them!

12. No shopping trip is complete without stopping by Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret! Raise your hand and shout~You go girl! if you agree with me! Now we did end up spending most of our money there, but a girl has got to smell good, ya know?! We had our coupons and took advantage of their sales. We each got adorable purses filled with three good sized bottles of stuff at VS. And at B&BW we also walked out with a huge bag of soaps, lotions and sprays! I love those stores, don't you?

13. The best deal of my day was getting to spend the entire day with my daughter!!!! I was giddy the whole day through and she kept laughing at me because I would smile and giggle and just be silly in general. I was thrilled, too, because even she was having so much fun spending the day with her old momma!

This was only a few of our bargains found that day! We had our van FULL of packages and honestly, we barely spent any money! What's a great bargain you've found lately?


Arlene said...

Great list I have been know to shop from time to time myself. I live in California, no Sonic here yet, but they are building one close to my house. I see the comercials on Tv and i am looking forword to trying them out.

the teach said...

Wow! A wok for $2.21 and broken cookies. What a day you had! Ha! :D

kay said...

Wow! I'm impressed. What a shopper you are!

Christine said...

Not only could we travel together, we could have fun shopping together.
LOL! I can't get out the dollar tree without spending a small fortune.

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Sonic! We have one right around the corner.


Chris said...

Sounds like a great fun day. Happy TT!

Natalie said...

Wow! You're like the best shopper I've ever heard of!

Faith said...

WOW...great list and awesome bargains. I LOVE Old Navy....so do my daughters...love their jeans, flip flops, sweaters, tanks, and polos!
And about Amercan Idol: my 14 yr old thinks Brooke might be a Christian. I know Melinda was (last year).Hard to tell...maybe Kristi..she seems so wholesome anyways....I was just blown away...I have to miss the results tonite though due to having my monthly Bible study...oh well...my 14 yr old will fill me in..my guess is Syesha is leaving.

Becoming Me said...

What great deals! Bargain shopping can be so much fun.

forgetfulone said...

I love your blog! We had Subway for dinner tonight. We have Sonic all over the place. I like their tots and cheese. Everyone loves the ice they use. Try a cherry lime-ade or any flavor slush. Good burgers, too. Sounds like you two hit the jackpot shopping! Wanna come shop for me? I also love your TT graphic.

amy said...

You are sooo funny. Michael and I did TTs this week as well. Love Bath and Body works. Actually I am searching for some in store coupons for Fashion Bug tomorrow. I just found the store! Go me!

Robin said...

Lots of shopping and very little money sounds like a great day to me.