This is my very first Fun Monday! Today's FM is being hosted by Jo Beaufoix and she asks “I want to know about your first ‘celebrity’ crush. You know, the one you fancied from that band, or that film, or who read the news, or who won Gold at the Olympics.”

Now some of you don't know me, but those that do will automatically think I am going to say this cutie pie. Nope, not for my very first crush. Shocker, I know!
It was Steve McQueen that stole my little ole heart when I saw him in The Great Escape. Now, I would have only been a year old when that movie came out so I don't know when I saw it, but I do know I was no older than six when I "discovered" him.

Having a brother and a father that loved any kind of action movie meant I saw all kinds of things that I probably shouldn't at such a young age. So I saw this fine hunk of a man in The Great Escape, Bullit, Papillon and The Towering Inferno all before I was ten years old.

Don't you love his rugged, handsome good looks? Me too! Yum, yum, give me some! LOL!


mjd said...

Steve McQueen certainly was considered a heart throb in his day.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


Jo Beaufoix said...

He was lovely. He always reminded me a little of someone else but I can't think who. The Great Escape is on pretty much every Christmas over here so I bet most Brits have seen it.
Brill post, and thanks for playing. Have a fab day. :D

Jerri junque said...

Seems Donnie was the heart throb of alot of teens.
I believe I had a little touch of "puppy love" too.

Jennifer said...

How fun!

Christine said...


Love you MRS. OSMOND!! :)