Thursday Thirteen

13 More Things You Don't Know About Me
(and could probably care less!)

1. I've shared my love for Donny Osmond many a time, but you don't know that I also was madly in love with Rick Springfield! I have many of his cd's and listen to them alot.

2. After I take my shower I am always very cold, like most people. But I am also very thirsty and want an icy cold drink waiting for me. Crushed ice, please!

3. I hang up on telephone soliciters. And it feel so good. I have no patience for them anymore. Don't call me, I'll call you when I'm ready to give to your fake organization.

4. Babies, and it doesn't matter whose baby it is, really bring me joy! A baby can smile at me while I'm at Wal-mart and that little sweet face will stick with me the rest of the day. God's little miracles. Truly they are.

5. I have a loud laugh. And sometimes I snort when I laugh. I think it's annoying, others say it's contagious. But it's one of my favorite things to do so I keep on laughing!

6. When I was about four I stole a package of Juicy Fruit gum from the dime store. When we got to the car I showed my mom and she marches my little hiney right back in and I had to tell the store manager what I did!

7. When I travel now I always look at people and wonder if they are bloggers and if I know them. Some day I might just run into one of you!

8. I love a new box of crayons! The bigger the box, the bigger the smile! And the smell......MMmmmmm! Pass the coloring book please.

9. I can't make good tasting rice krispie treats. I know! It's like the easiest thing in the world to make and mine always taste stale. What's up with that?

10. I saw I Am Legend and even though it was good I do not want to see it again. It left me feeling empty and sorta depressed. I don't like that feeling.

11. My husband bought me a cd boxed set of '80's music! Now we're talking good music! And why yes, it does have some Rick Springfield songs on it!

12. If bouncing one's knee a lot drives you crazy then we might have a problem. Just tell me to stop and I will try. My husband hates it too!

13. In high school I was known as a goody two shoes because I didn't smoke, drink or swear. Now I would be called a worn out pair of goody two shoes..lol!


Shopper 12 said...

I was a goody two shoes too and am now well worn:>

AGK said...

All except my whole teen pregnancy, I was Goody Two Shoes ;) I always like to have cold water when I get out of the shower, though I actually don't like cold drinks. Dh likes to have his coffee waiting for him.

AGK said...

All except for the part where I leave out words, too... LOL!

MondaythroughSunday said...

From one good two shoes to another..Great list!! I feel like I know you now..lol. Happy New Year!

Christine said...

Those telemarketers, call at the worst times, you can't help but hang up on them!!

Another Goody TOO Shoes, waving HI!!

Happy New Year, Amy!

Anonymous said...

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.: Mrs. V :. said...

I love the list. Your are a great writer. I have been known as a goody two shoes too, but I embrace it :)

Check out my TT if you get time :)

Nicholas said...

I used to be a telemarketer. Mot people do that job out of sheer desperation, only to be treated like pond scum. Sad, really.

As We Sail... said...

I hung up on a telemarketer after he wouldn't take no for an answer. He called me back and hung up on me. I just had to laugh.

Dianne said...

My mom caught me stealing a box of Lemonheads from our local drug store many years ago too...like you, I had to march myself back in and give them back. Unfortunately, the drug store owner went to our church...UGH! :-)

Michelle said...

I love getting to know more about you :) I was also a goody two shoes LOL

Sandy said...

Oh my hubby bounces his knee like crazy all the time, and it drives me crazy!!! :)
Fun list Amy!


amy said...

I love getting to know you!!
Happy new year!

Featured Sites said...

*singing* I wish that I was Jessie's girl . . .

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