201. Beautiful songs like "Mary, Did You Know?" by Mark Lowery and "A Strange Way To Save The World" by 4Him that keeps the focus on what CHRISTmas is all about!

202. My beautiful daughter turned 21 years old. She moved in when she was just five. She has been a huge blessing to both of us and what a privilege it has been to raise her. Thank you Lord for this wonderful child!

She's prettier than this picture, but this is recent. We'd ben travelling since 3 in the morning, so she looks rather tired!

203. My precious Awana girls. We had our Christmas party on Wednesday and many of them had made special things just for me! I think they know how much I love them! And we were able to share with them the true meaning of Christmas. Many of them had never heard it before.

204. Everday I am blessed with relief from my painful hips. I know I can't stop talking about them, but I can't help it! I dropped my brush on the floor and I actually bent down and got it all by myself! And I did it witout even thinking. Go me!

205. Blessed with some good customers at our shop. One couple came over today and took us out to lunch to say thanks for all our hard work. I like it when someone notices how hard my husband works for them!

I'm keeping it short this week because I know you have so much to do, but I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas! I'll be with my family, but I know I will stop and think of each of you and wondering what's happening at your place! Love you all!


Fresh Girl said...

What a beautiful girl you have! (And that's the cutest puppy belly I've seen in a very long time. hee!)

Merry Christmas, Amy!

As We Sail... said...

You have so many blessings. And a beautiful daughter to boot.

Dianne said...

Hey...things have been CRAZY busy, so I haven't been here to visit in a while..I have LOVED catching up tonight. Lots of great fun, though-provoking words, and mentions of Donny! :-) I'm glad you are doing so well and hope you have a great Christmas.

Faith said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Kimmie said...

Merry Christmas...may God richly bless you in your celebration of His life!

May He shape you in his hand and make you more like Him.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Goofy Girl said...

Awww your daughter is beautiful!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday to your daughter!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! When you get a chance I've tagged you for a blessing!

marina said...

Merry Christams and your daughter is beautiful.marina

As We Sail... said...

WE had a guest soloist at our church this morning who sang Mary Did You Know. It was fantastic.

Bev Brandon said...

Merry Christmas Amy! You are one grateful girl! May your Christmas be filled with much gratitude to HIM and childlike wonder for HIM and childlike faith toward HIM. Sou touched this a.m. by the gratitude in this post. Makes me want to be more...we live for another world, not this one.

Christine said...

Merry Christmas, Amy!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday filled with Love, Peace and Joy!

Your daughter is very beautiful!

Sandy said...

Hi Amy,
Love the picture of your daughter. It's nice to see her, after hearing such wonderful things about her. I was thinking about your kids today as I was lying home with a horrible migraine. My dear daughter was so helpful to me, heating up this thing to lay on my head every 1/2 hour or so. I know you have posted about how helpful your kids are when you are suffering/ struggling etc. It is such a blessing, just like you have said. I can so relate and feel so blessed to have a daughter with a dear heart. I know you feel the same. :)
Hope you had a great Christmas.

Kailani said...

She still looks beautiful to me!

An Island Life

Donetta said...

I am glad you had a nice Christmas. Delighted to know your pain has diminished.