Thursday Thirteen #43

13 More Random Weird Things About Amy

1. I cannot scratch my foot without it tickling!

2. While I love everything alphabetized and just so, I tend to look at things backwards. Like on my blogroll I start at the bottom and work my way up or I have to start in the back when looking at my Tiger Beats! LOL!

3. I have to clean my ears often, like practically everyday because they get so yucky. I say it's because I am a good listener and they get filled up ;o) Yeah, I know, it's gross.

4. I love to shake Jell-o on my popcorn. Lime is really good!

5. I'm actually looking forward to going to the hospital on the 10th because I'm craving their vegetable soup. Sad, isn't it?

6. I tend to overstock on things like toothpaste, t.p. shampoo and body washes. But hey, at least those are things you really don't want to run out of, right? It's just that they take up a lot of room that we don't have. At least things are clean!

7. I work better under pressure. Why do it today when you can put it off until the very last minute and then gripe because things aren't working right?!

8. I've discovered King of Queens recently and love that it's on like three times a day. I don't know why I've never watched it before.

9. My hair is driving me insane. The older I get the weirder it gets. It used to be straight, but now it wants to curl a bit and feather back. I look like I am living in the 80's again! Yikes!

10. I have a childish sounding voice and no, it has nothing to do with how immature I am!

11. I think I love my dog more than my kids......just kidding! But there are days I like her more.

12. When I shower I have to wash my hair first. No matter how stinky I am!

13. When I was little we went to a rodeo and a bull got out and chased me up a hill. I've never cared for them since! And as an added bonus: I was also bit by a garden snake when I was five on the top of my foot. My right foot in case you're interested ;o)


Michelle said...

I stock up on toiletries too - usually because I have a coupon for buy two LOL

amy said...

Jello on popcorn huh? Interesting..I love all your facts Amy

Tink said...

I'm afraid I'm weird too... ;-) Love your list!
My TT shares Thirteen (quotes from) lyrics by Robbie Williams.

Donetta said...

Jello on pop corn? great list.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I've never heard anyone putting Jello on popcorn! I bet my monsters would like it. Happy TT!

WhatWorksForMom said...

Jello on popcorn? Surely you jest?

Lara Angelina said...

hmmm....jello on popcorn? I haven't tried that yet -- but I'm willing! I bet my kids will love that sweet/salty thing!
Great TT!

Kailani said...

I've never had jello on my popcorn. I may have to try it!

An Island Life

yh said...

Lime Jell-o on popcorn? Hey, I can't talk... I like to eat chocolate with potato chips... to get the sweet and salty thing going. :)

I also stock up on things as well. I have a billion Righguards for Men, despite the fact that my boyfriend doesn't live with me.

Thorne said...

Hmmm. Okay. Fun TT!

Goofy Girl said...

I'm not so sure about the jello and popcorn!

I do like to stock up too, it's the worst when you to take a shower and you've run out!!

I work best under pressure too.

L^2 said...

Wow! a lot of this list could be about me (1, 2, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12), so I guess that means I'm weird too. LOL

*~JESSIE~* said...

I stock up too! Happy TT!

Kara said...

I stock up too - I think it comes from a fear of running out!! Even though the store is just down the street and open 24 hours - weird huh? LOL. Great TT

Blogger said...

Hi Amy, I stock up groceries as my visit to the supermarket is subject to my availablity!

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Kathy said...

Me too on the bathroom supplies. I need a larger house! For a way to handle it, see Christine Kane's post on it at http://christinekane.com/blog/bathroom-clutter-the-9-worst-offenders/

Happy TT13!

Norma said...

I sort of like that jello idea.

I can't resist buying little (5 x 7) notebooks, especially with pretty covers.

J. Lynne said...

They still publish Tiger Beat?

I'm going to try the Jell-o on popcorn thing.

Happy TT!

Rhonda said...

Couple things that stand out are the jello and the dog. Don't get the jello thing but definitely the dog, as I have one too. I want to post a lot more on her and will soon, so come by and see my site!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Jello on popcorn-who knew?

I always wash my hair first. It's waist-length and if I don't have enough hot water, I'd rather get my hair done and rush the rest than vice versa.