1000 Blessing's Friday

91. I slipped Sunday night while trying to get a sponge bath. How dare I want to be a little clean! I hurt my right knee badly which has delayed my therapy, but as of today it feels 50% better and I have been able to start exercising again. Wow, I never thought I’d be happy about being able to exercise!

92. Great deals at Kroger this week! Our fridge was pretty empty and it looks like the family will be able to live a little longer now.

93. Fellowship. I’ve had some wonderful friends stop by for a visit this week! I miss them so much and can’t wait to go back to church again.

94. My precious Woo. I tell ya, this dog of mine provides more laughter in this family! And she behaves better than the kids!

95. Good paying customers. We’ve had some real doozies that never paid us, but we have a new customer that pays the minute he gets his bill. This is a huge blessing!

96. Baby wipes. Yes, these have been a blessing since I’ve got home from the hospital. I have found all kinds of uses for them, but I’ll spare you the details. Your welcome!

97. Beautiful sun shiny days with big poofy white clouds! I can look at the sky forever and count my many blessings.

98. Diet NOS. I love this energy drink and my hubby found it in diet form at the local gas station. He bought me two yesterday.

99. Sitting on my bed day in and day out I find myself so thankful for the gift of sight and hearing. I may not be able to do a whole lot right now, but I can enjoy watching my family at work and hearing them singing in the kitchen while they are doing dishes. I know it sounds like I am a slave driver, huh?

100. Which leads to always knowing how blessed I am by my dear family. I don’t know if I could be as patient as they have been the past year and a half!

My Friday’s Feast is listed below in case you are interested in my exciting answers! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Southern Girl said...

Amy, I'm so sorry you fell and hurt your knee! Very glad it's feeling better though. I hope tomorrow will find it even less painful.

It's a sticky situation for people like us in the shower, isn't it? I nearly fell sideways the other day when I was taking a shower, and if I HAD fallen in that direction, I'd have gone right over the side of the tub! I have a feeling my mom wouldn't have been able to help me up...she'd have been too busy laughing and trying to keep from wetting her pants. Luckily, I wouldn't have to worry about my pants! ;)

Dianne said...

Lots to be thankful for, no doubt!

Michelle said...

I so enjoy reading your blessings!

Donetta said...

Ouch! No Falling! That is just not aloud! :) You just hurt your knee so you wouldn't feel your hip as much. Great distraction:) I am glad that your able to do the therapy. I love the clouds and the singing. It was so humbling to just lay around while so many tended to my tasked all those times. It will build good character in you though. In them too.
I hope you have some chance of pleasure in your day.:)

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

What a girl you are.. finding laughter through the tears... smile...

I will be praying for you...

and it does sound like there are rays of sun (SON) shining your way...


Donetta said...

I hope you had a great weekend!

Kailani said...

I've seen some of my friends at work drinking NOS. I'm afraid that if I drink it, I'll be too hyper! hee hee

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