Random Tuesday Thoughts

I love the Andy Griffith show. It makes me laugh like no other show I've seen. I think because I have a lot of relatives that act like a few of the characters on the show. But I'm not naming any names!

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers have pet names for their family members so they don't mention their real names. I want to do that too. My husband will now be referred to as Mustang Man. My oldest daughter is affectionately known as Super K. My middle daughter will be called Care Bear and my son will be J-Man. Cool!

Awana starts tomorrow night at church! I am the director of the 3rd and 4th grade girls and I cannot believe how excited I am!! I'm just sad that I will have to miss about four Wednesdays after surgery. If you ever want to volunteer at church this is a wonderful age group to work with. Please pray for us as we minister to these little ones and teach them God's truths.

I didn't get to see how much Jerry Lewis raised this year for the telethon. I also didn't watch it like I normally do. My grandfather died of MD and I have several aunt and uncles that suffer from it and three cousins that also have it. It's a nasty disease.

In case you've noticed that I haven't left many comments on your blogs lately it because I'm having a hard time with getting pages to load. I am stopping by though and reading as much as I can! I haven't forgotten any of you.

My son had a nasty spill on the steps last Wednesday and cracked his knee. Praise the Lord it is not broken, but now he is on crutches too. Thankfully I had a second set here at home. He went back to school today and I've been wondering how he is doing getting around that big school.

I was on crutches for all four years of high school. Looking back I wonder how I carried all those books around. We didn't have backpacks like kids do today. Poor us!

Our 23rd wedding anniversary is on the 8th and I have no idea what to get Mustang Man. I am totally clueless this year. I think we are going to stay at a hotel on Sunday since my surgery will be the next morning. We want to go to the art museum and Romano's Macaroni Grill. Maybe if it's not too hot we can go to the zoo so I can feed the giraffes too!

Mmmm, a funnel cake sounds so good right now. Not sure what made me think of it, but now I want one! Told ya this was random ;o)

I should so be working right now and catching up everything, but oh well!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day and is now ready for the week ahead!


Kailani said...

Poor J-Man! I hope it's nothing too serious! I've never been on cruches (knock on wood) but I can imagine how hard it must be!

An Island Life

Dianne said...

I love random posts! I also love the Andy Griffith show, work with kids at church (Kindergarten choir) AND watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon for years, although I haven't been as diligent these last few. When I was a kid, my friend and I went around our neighborhood taking up money and her parents too us up to the drop-off place. It was pretty neat. I'm not really sure why I haven't watched it so much these last few years because I definitely am still interested. Hmmm...

Oh yeah, and I also love Macaroni Grill...

Funny how much we have in common...and it all started with sweet Donny Osmond! :-)

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear about your son's accident but I'm glad that he did not break any part of his body. I hope he will recover soon.

I was hit by a jeep when I was in 4th grade but it was a miracle that I did not have any major fracture. I was on crutches too but I fondly remember all the people who helped and encouraged me to get better.

Advance Happy 23rd Anniversary!

Donetta said...

Oh Amy, I hope your pain subsides.
Write him a letter of how you see him, how you feel about who he is and how good of a provider he is. They need to know That they are cutting it as men. Only God can answer that question for them but it can really put wind in their sails to find that you see them that way. Words have the power of life. I infuse my marriage often with them it is very powerful Be sure to make it about him. Not yourself. Have fun!

Michelle said...

good luck with Awana, I'm sure you'll do fine! I didn't watch the telethon, but I saw a report that he broke a record with 63.7 million.

Sorry about your son! Hope he heals quickly!

Sounds like a nice plan for your anniversary! I never know what to get Joe either!