Say Cheese!

Dianne has made me smile today by giving me this award! I knew my love for Donny Osmond wasn't all bad. ;o) She's a fan too and isn't ashamed to admit it. C'mon, I know there are more of you out there! Just think of what fun we could have going to a concert! I promise to let you scream louder than me :o)

Now I have the privilege of passing this pretty award on to others who make me smile.

Donetta is first y'all. She makes my heart smile because I know how much she truly cares about me. I know that may sound selfish, but while she faces tougher obstacles than I do, she puts others first. I know she prays for me and is genuinely concerned about my well being. We've just begun our friendship recently, but I feel loved by her. And how could that not make me smile? Thank you friend for all you do for me!

Stacy makes me smile not because of her posts (which are great), but the e-mails we've sent back and forth. I appreciate how she puts up with me when I show concern over things that are none of my bees wax! I like to tease her and tell her useless stuff that nobody really cares about. She makes me smile because we share a love for our beloved pets that if you're not an animal lover, well, then you just don't get it!

Kimmy makes me smile because I've never seen anyone, including myself, love the #7 as much as she does! She's just so honest and true in her writing and she's a great encouragement to me as well.

Christine is my friend! Just seeing her picture everyday makes me smile. Her kids make me smile because they are so gorgeous. I am hoping that one day we can actually meet each other. I truly think we would have such a good time being silly together!

I've limited myself to just a few of you because I want to give others a chance to pass on this cute little award. This doesn't mean that you don't make me smile though! You all make me happy!


amy said...

I read some of those..THey are wonderful and YOU make everyone smile

Kimmy said...

Amy . . . I am glad I can make you smile. YOU MAKE ME SMILE too!

Christine said...

You know, I agree with Amy, YOU make everyone Smile!!

Thank you, I am glad I bring a smile and a giggle or two or more to you.

Have a beautiful day!

Donetta said...

Well what a fine surprised morning visit. Look what is there for me. Oh Hun, That is true I do truly care about your well being. I and my husband do also pray and care about your family too. I am gratefrul that you know we do care about you and your.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Aww, thank you so much Amy, you are so sweet and you always make me smile! Except, of course, when I misread your comments or emails and I'm afraid I've upset or made you unhappy :)

Thank you!

Michelle said...

congrats on the award! I always smile when I come visit you! :)