Thursday Thirteen

D for donuts neongreen o n Dripping N Y

13 Reasons Why Donny Osmond May Not Marry Me

1. As a teenager I was faithful in wearing my purple socks daily. As an adult I find myself attracted to so many different colors, especially blue. Shocker!

2. I know this will turn him off completely. I haven’t been able to go to the dentist in a year and half. It’s only because of my bad hips, but now that they are both done I can go. I do brush my teeth at least three times a day though. Do you think that will make a difference?

3. La, la, la. Unfortunately I cannot sing a lick. I don’t even sound good in the shower! I cannot read music or play any kind of musical instrument, except the nose flute. But then again, who can’t?

4. I didn’t vote for Marie on Dancing with the Stars. There, I said it! I felt I had to give Mark Cuban a sympathy vote. C’mon, the guy just had his hip replaced seven weeks ago. I feel his pain. And did you see his scar? I have two just like it!

5. I’m a little more country than rock ‘n roll.

6. I honestly don’t know if this is still holds true with his faith, but I don’t know if I could give up chocolate! If I had to choose between Donny and Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake at this point I’m not sure which one would win.

7. I don’t like big crowds. So much for going to the family reunions.

8. If he started saying, "Cute Amy, real cute" I would have to scream. It drove me crazy when he said it on the Donny & Marie show.

9. I'm bad with names and he might get tired of me calling out, "Alan, Jay, Marie, Wayne, Merrill"....until I get to Donny!

10. I have never liked his brother, Jimmy, for some reason. He annoys me, but I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s because I also have a brother named Jimmy and he was annoying too. Or was I the annoying one?

11. I don't like change and wouldn't move to Utah. I can't picture Donny living in a small town like Crawfordtuckey, as we affectionately call it. I wonder how he feels about spouses living in separate states!

12. I have a David Cassidy poster hanging over my bed.

13. I wonder what he’ll say when he finds out I am happily married. And let’s not even talk about his happy marriage at this point. I’ll just have to wait and see!
Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to get DONNY to fit on one line! Any ideas of what I should do?


Believer in Balance said...

Funny and clever!

April Elizabeth said...

i think i love you!

that was fabulous. You may just be my new favorite blogger.

Goofy Girl said...

Very cute, although I'm sure he'd find a lot to love about ya!

Christine said...

Amy, I'm sure he'd LOVE You!

You are so funny! It would be hard for me to choose between the chocolate cake or my crush too! :)

Have a fun day!

Terri said...

Love your list and you're right about Jimmy. He always annoyed me too.
(I didn't vote for Marie either)

Carrie said...

Sooo funny! And ummmmm I have a confession. I've gone more than a year and a half without going to the dentist. I'm scared silly. Pathetic, isn't it? And not too smart, if I must say.
Hope you're having a great week!
God bless :)

Dianne said...

You are hilarious...I saw the title and just started giggling! :-)

WendyDarling said...

Too funny!! :-)

I like Donny too, but my favorites have always been Jay and Merrill. I still believe he has been very underated. :-)

Kailani said...

I was looking at your header and wondering who the heck was Donn Y. LOL!

An Island Life

Michelle said...

oh you just crack me up!

Nicholas said...

Seeing Little Jimmy on TV sing about being a long haired lover from Liverpool made me want to go out and kick trees.

Mom not Mum said...

LOL That was way cute. I agree with the Jimmy thing. I was at church one day and of all people Jimmy Osmond came in and sat on the bench next to us. My mom was like "hey that's Jimmy Osmond - scoot over and make friends" Um NO - but we have this theory that eventually people with good genes just run out and there is a family of really good looking kids and then they just take it to far and they get one not so good looking. That's what happened with Jimmy. LOL