1000 Blessing's Friday On A Saturday & Yet Another Meme!

61. Being able to bear full weight on my new hip is a huge blessing this week! Gives my bad one a liitle bit of a break.

62. We've had less humid and hot days this week and some actual rain!

63. I was able to get out and have an Awana meeting at Culver's. Looks like it is going to be a wonderful year! Our theme this year is Following His Footsteps.

64. I started my period which makes me happy because last time I had it during surgery. And that's just nasty!

65. I've had several painful days which made me appreciate the less painful ones all the more!

66. Visits from friends have brightened my week!

67. My son took a really nasty spill going up the stairs at school. He's had a grapefruit sized bump on his knee. Praise the Lord it is not broken. I would not have been able to take care of him properly if he had broken it. Today it is the size of a golf ball, so it is shrinking!

68. Sold some things on e-Bay and made some decent money which will help pay for my surgery!

69. Mom bought me a new cookbook with some easy to prepare meals for when I start cooking by myself again! Looking forward to making some new dishes.

70. Blessed beyond measure by faithful friends who pray for me and leave comments letting me know they are!

ACCENT: I'm from Indiana, but sometimes I can have a bit of a southern accent. Plus I sound like a little girl when I speak. It's easy to fool the telemarketers!

I DON’T DRINK: Alcohol or milk or the combination of the two!

CHORE I HATE: Well, I can't say that I love any chore, but I would pick dusting because it looks the same way the very next day! So why bother?

PETS: My precious Wensleydale, our english bulldog.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Well, definitely my lap top and my cell phone are my lifelines to the outside world right now.

PERFUME: Anything that will cover up my stinch ;o) I love all kinds of perfume and body sprays, just nothing coconut!

GOLD OR SILVER: Yes please!

INSOMNIA: I guess it depends how much pain I am in that night. I don't get a lot of sleep, but I have my pillows to keep me company, er I mean comfortable!

JOB TITLE: President. Really! We own our own Mustang restoration business. You can also call me Secretary, Accountant, Janitor and Gopher. Goes with owning your own business!

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT: About me? People like my sense of humor and that I can keep a smile on my face. I always try to see the humor in all situations. There is always a bright side to things!

KIDS: Three blessings!

PHOBIA: Falling and breaking my bionic-ness!

RELIGION: Baptist. I blame my fluffiness on my religion because if you've ever been to a baptist church social then you know we can cook!

SIBLINGS: One older brother, Jimmy. I'm sure he would prefer to be called Jim now, but too bad! Can you tell I was a bratty little sister?

TIME I WAKE UP: I would say around 7:30 am unless I just haven't slept at all and then I will try to sleep till 9:00 am.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL: Can't think of anything unusual, but my husband always comments that he is amazed for someone with such crippled hands that I can type the way I do. I guess he thinks I am fast. Aha, but how accurate am I?

VEGETABLE: Love 'em all except turnips and peas and anything else I've never tasted yet! If you were that good I would have tasted you by now.

WORST HABIT: Sarcasm. I try my best to behave, but sometimes I just can't help it. You either love me or ya don't!

X-RAYS: I think I can honestly say that I've had absolutely everything on my body x-rayed at one time or another. I actually took a picture of my new hip with my camera phone the other day. It's my new wallpaper!

MY FAVORITE MEAL: Yes please! I'm easy to feed as long as it includes meat and chocolate!


Ally´s Antics said...

Hi I am just dropping by to visit because I saw your comment on Dian´s blog and I loved your badge of live laugh love... I am alot like that too... so it inspired me to come and meet you. I will drop by again and have a real long visit!!!! Please feel free to drop by and visit!!!

Kailani said...

I think you're typing is accurate. But then again, I'm pretty blind.

An Island Life

Michelle said...

oh I don't like dusting either; it seems like a never ending battle!

Donetta said...

Hello There, I enjoyed your post. How you doing? I have been enjoying your thankful list but I like the post it below it too. Hay when is your hip scheduled? I thought it was this week. I was thinking of you this weekend. I hope your having some full. Hubby and I met in a huge baptist church. I'll check my e-mail later to see if you sent me a line. You sound good in this post.