One Of My Favorite Days Ever!

Okay peeps! You're gonna get to see me on one of my happiest days ever!! It was cold and rainy and my hair looked awful, but one of my dreams came true that day. I got to be up close and personal with my friends and feed them for the first time!!!! So cool!!!! I stayed there for hours in the nasty weather with that same silly grin I have on my face!

I sat down last night and turned on the telly. I was home alone so I got to watch whatever I wanted. As I was flipping through the channels I saw giraffes! The show was "Growing Up Giraffe" on the Animal Planet. Yeah baby! Next best thing to Donny Osmond is watching giraffes. I should have known better. I won't go into details, but a mama giraffe named Lady has a baby, which was traumatic in itself, but 2 1/2 months later Lady dies. Why oh why did I not turn the channel? I bawled and sobbed until I couldn't take it anymore. That's when I remembered my video!

I played it over and over until my hubby came home. He looked at me with worry and asked what happened. I told him. I cried again. He smiled. He wasn't making fun of me, he just knows I can't handle nature. He reminded me to never watch Animal Planet again alone!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a happy day in my life with you all! Maybe someday I'll be able to share a video of my wedding (to Donny)! LOL!

Besides your wedding and the birth of your kids what is one of your happiest days?


Kimmy said...

Amy . . . I was THRILLED to watch this clip! Do you know how refreshing it was to actually see you "in person"!? Amazing.
Now, about your question. One of my favorite days was the day the learned that our acreage (which is where we currently live) was actually, truly, legally, ours. 10 years of waiting patiently for God's blessing has definitely been worth the wait! Sometimes I still pinch myself over the fact that we live where we live, and we've been here for almost a hear. I am so blessed.
HUGS to you. I hope you're feeling well today . . .

Kimmy said...

Edit the above: I made a big typo . . . "blah, blah, blah . . . . and we've been here for almost a YEAR (not hear!). Yes. I'm blonde.

Kailani said...

Just look at that look on your face! Priceless! What a great day!

An Island Life

Goofy Girl said...

What a cute video :) You are so happy in it!

Christine said...

The expression on your face is pricess, as is actually seeing you," in person"!! :)

My server is having issues, I'm hoping to have everything back up today. So not to worry I'm OK!!

Glad to see you out and about having FUN!!

Take care,

Faith said...

The video was great! so neat to see you "in person".To answer your question: one of my favorite days besides my wedding and the births of both girls, was when my family (hubby and 2 daughters) hiked up Champlain Mt in Acadia National Park. Life just doesn't get better than that. It was 7/4/04, the weather was perfect, my health had been restored (i had had lyme disease for 8 months before being successfully treated for it) and had been pain free for almost a year when we hiked up that mountain. Glory to God, I wasn't even tired!

De said...

What a neat video. How neat that you were able to experience that. Besides the obvious kids born happiest days, mine have all been wrapped up in my kids.

BTW- I have given you an award, so pop on over and get it. Glad to know your healing well.


Sandy said...

What a great pic....video. It took me a moment to realize what it was a picture of. Like I was slow to realize you were actually feeding a GIRAFFE!! How cool!
Love the clip....priceless.
Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

oh I was so happy to see a video of you! (I'm catching up on blogs too - I'm so far behind it's not even funny! I'll never catch up!) You do look like you are totally enjoying feeding those giraffes! and you're standing :) Yay for you!