1000 Blessing's Friday & Friday's Feast

I love Friday's and getting to share my blessings! And thank you for letting me share them with you too!

181. Going back to Thanksgiving since I haven't posted any blessings. My sister-in-law, Susi, had us all over and prepared everything!! And it was all SO delicious. I know it is so much work and I appreciate her willingness to take on such a task. And remember how I posted about roasting your turkey upside down? Well, as we were eating I kept commenting on how juicy it was. She laughed and said she somehow cooked it upside down! I am blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. On both sides of the family!

182. My daughter's car died completely, as in terminal, a few weeks back. We are blessed because we found a nice little car last week for not a whole lot of dough! She loves it and I do too because it is blue! And we all know by now how much that color makes me happy :o)

183. I have cut way back on my pain medicines and am blessed in so many ways because I don't need as much of it now (Yay!) and it's not good for my insides and I am not spending as much money and I am more coherent! Please pray for me as I work my way off prednisone too!

184. I can't go into details because it does not concern me, but a member of my family. But we are blessed with some answered prayers! It took awhile, but I was able to see the Lord working in their life as they waited.

185. I am so, so, so blessed because I have spent four of the past six days out and about working, doing errands, and teaching at Awana!!!!!!!!! I just adore those little girls!

186. I am excited too because as I am learning to walk again I have started to remember to bend my knees. For a while I was walking with stiff legs. It's a very weird feeling and I sometimes feel goofy, but I know I need to practice. Practice makes perfect!

187. I was happy to get the mail today because I received a postcard with one of my favorite little girls on it! You know who you are and I say Thank You!

188. I needed winter pajama bottoms and was blessed in finding some for only $5 a pair. And they came with a matching t-shirt too!

189. I feel blessed because I feel completely better as far as the cold, flu, pneumonia thingy! I can breath as deep as I want and I don't cough or hurt or nothin'!!

190. Blessed to live in a warm house with electricity and warmth and food.



What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

I've never been able to enjoy too many because when I ride them they jerk me around, but I found one a few years back at King's Island that I LOVE!! It's called the Drop Zone. They lift you up like 350 feet or something and then you drop really fast! So much fun!


How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

I'm really bad because I tend to get the giggles at the most inappropriate times. I think I'll start blaming it on my age.


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

I have always been more of a listener, but if I was one on one with a really good friend I would say 8. Is Donny a deep, philosophical topic?

Main Course

Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

Because of the medicines I take I am not allowed to have a flu shot. Poor me!


Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?

Well, if you actually mean watching it I would say about six to ten hours. Unfortunately, I have developed a bad habit of falling asleep to the noise. But if there was a Donny channel...well, it would be on 24/7/365!


Fresh Girl said...

Just reading about the Drop Zone ride makes my tummy tingle. ;)

Donny can be a deep, philosophical topic if Clay can. heee!

Goofy Girl said...

You sound like you're really doing well - which is so wonderful to hear!

Faith said...

The Drop Zone? no way would I like that one! But my youngest, the daredevil probably would!
If George Clooney can be a deep topic then I guess Donny could too! LOL
So glad you are doing well!

Michelle said...

I love all the blessings that you find to post about!

Christine said...

Hi Amy,

Those are some wonderful blessings. I am so happy you are feeling better and getting out!! You've come along way Girl!! :)

How cool would that be for Donny to have his own cable network, and be on 24/7/365???!!!

Big hugs,